The 5 Best Travel Pants for Women: Buyers Guide & Reviews

When you’re getting ready for a big trip, you definitely want to do the best that you can to get ready. You need to take the time to make sure that you’ve packed everything that you need, and it’s also important to get certain items to improve your comfort level. If you’re going to be traveling by air, then you definitely want to make sure that you’re going to be able to relax on the flight. This is why it’s smart to consider what pants you’re wearing while you’re traveling.

Today we’re going to take a look at the top five best travel pants for women. This is going to give you a good idea of what’s out there for you to consider. All of these options will bring something different to the table, so be sure to read about all of them. Once you’ve gone through all of the information, it’s going to be possible to get the perfect pair of travel pants for yourself.

1. Joop Joop Bohemian Elephant Harm Loose Yoga Travel Lounge Casual Pants

Any woman who is looking for comfortable pants to take on vacation will wind up really loving these. These pants are made to be as comfortable as possible. If you wear these to the airport, then you’ll be able to feel at ease, and it’ll help you to relax. These pants have a smocked waistband and flatter the ankles, and they will be suitable for women of many different sizes.

best travel pants for women

[earnist ref=”joop-joop-bohemian-travel-pants” id=”13322″]

There are two different sizes that you can choose from when purchasing these pants. You can buy them in small/medium or large/extra large. These sizes are designed to fit women that are US sizes 0-10 and 12-18 respectively. This is going to be very comfortable to wear when going out, and you’ll definitely like feeling better while you’re having to run from gate to gate.

It’s also worth noting that these pants are very lightweight and breathable. You’ll never feel bogged down when wearing these pants. The fact that they’re so breathable makes them a perfect pair of pants to wear for traveling during the summer months. Many people even wind up using these as pajama pants during the hot months of the year, so you can tell how comfortable they must be.

JOOP JOOP Bohemian Tapered Elephant Harem Loose Yoga Pants Onyx Small / Medium You’re going to be able to choose from many different styles when you purchase these travel pants. They’re available in standard colors such as black, and there are also many that come with interesting designs. If you like the idea of owning comfortable pants that have a unique look to them, then these will definitely appeal to you. They’re all very stylish, and you’ll definitely be pleased with how they look.

The only potential downside to these pants is that they’re kind of sheer. Due to the colors that are available, this really isn’t a big deal. They aren’t really see-through or anything, but in the right lighting, some of the lighter colors may have a sheer quality. When choosing colors such as black or other dark options, this will be a non-issue.


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Many color/style options available


  • Some colors might be sheerer than others

2. Guteer Hiking Travel Cargo Pants

This offering from Guteer is going to be appealing to many different women, as well. These pants have been made to be perfect for several different purposes. They’re designed to be appropriate for both hiking and traveling. Depending on what your vacation plans are, these pants might just wind up being the perfect fit for you.

[earnist ref=”guteer-womens-outdoor-hiking-pants-lightweight-quick-dry-water-resistant-cargo-pants” id=”13324″]

The pants themselves have been made out of 97% Terylene and 3% spandex. This allows them to be incredibly breathable while remaining lightweight. If you plan on spending time near the water while on vacation, then you’ll be happy to know that these pants are quick-drying. It won’t be a big deal if they get a bit wet, and you’ll also be able to rely on the overall durability of these pants.

You’re going to love how the elastic waistband feels while you’re wearing these, too. It helps the pants to fit perfectly without making you feel uncomfortable. There are even elastic ankle bands on the legs of the pants, which helps to keep your pant legs from getting in your way and makes it simpler to rush to your next airport gate.

Guteer Women's Outdoor Hiking Pants Lightweight Quick Dry Water-Resistant Cargo Pants Multiple pockets are available for you to use as well. There are two large zipper pockets and one front pocket that you can use. These will help you to keep your important stuff organized without being bogged down. The pockets are very nice and practical to make use of.

One area where these pants suffer is in the style department. These aren’t the most flashy pants in the world and they’re only available in black, blue, and charcoal grey. They’re more practical than they are stylish, so you’ll have to make peace with that if you want to go this route. You’ll find that they’re comfortable and easy to use, so don’t hesitate if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fits very well due to the elastic waist and ankle bands
  • Quick-drying
  • Very breathable


  • Lacks style options

3. Koi Women’s Lindsey Cargo Scrub Pants

These pants aren’t specifically advertised for being travel pants, but they’re going to work out rather nicely. They’re a pair of cargo pants that are very practical to own. You’ll be able to feel very comfortable if you decide to make use of these at the airport. They feel nice while you’re wearing them, and they also provide some practical benefits.

[earnist ref=”koi-womens-lindsey-ultra-comfortable-cargo-style-scrub-pants” id=”13325″]

For instance, these cargo pants have many different pockets that you can make use of. Being able to fit things in your pockets is really going to come in handy when you’re traveling. You might want to keep certain things such as your phone charger or your plane ticket readily available. Being able to tuck these items into one of the convenient pockets in your pants makes a lot of sense.

Also, these pants are actually quite fashionable. They aren’t available in multiple colors or anything, but they have a good look to them. They’re low-rise pants that are very flattering and have a nice feminine quality to them. If you want to buy pants that are simultaneously cute and practical, then these really do fit the bill.

KOI Women's Stretch Lindsey Mid-Rise Drawstring Waist Cargo Scrub Pants, Black, Small You’ll see that these are advertised as scrub cargo pants for a reason. They’re made to be practical for nurses and other people in similar career paths to use. This means that they’re made to be comfortable for people who stand on their feet for many hours per day. It makes them very well-suited for travel, and you’ll find that they’re up to the task of helping you get through your travel day at the airport.

You should also know that these are completely machine washable. They’re made using a 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend. It shouldn’t be difficult to keep these pants looking great. They’re going to be practical for more than just travel, and they’re worth your consideration.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Various pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Fashionable low-rise waistband


  • Could use some color options

4. SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants

Here is another interesting option for any woman who is looking for high-quality travel pants. These have been made using an 82% rayon, 13% nylon, and 5% spandex blend. They feel very comfortable when you’re wearing them and are perfect for lounging around. You’ll find that these pants run a bit large on purpose and are made to have a relaxed fit.

[earnist ref=”scottevest-margaux-cargaux-travel-pants-11-pockets-travel-cargo-pants” id=”13326″]

As you might expect from travel pants, these are made to have many pockets for your convenience. This pair of pants actually comes with a whopping eleven different pockets. This is going to allow you to carry many things around while you’re traveling. Several of the pockets are large enough for your smartphone, and it’ll be quite simple to keep things in order.

It also makes use of a special weight management system. This allows the weight of the pants to be distributed evenly throughout the garment. It means that you can load your pants full of stuff without it feeling like it’s too cumbersome. You’ll be able to avoid neck and back pain so that you can have a relaxing travel experience.

SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants -11 Pockets- Travel Cargo Pants (Medium, Gray) These lightweight pants are going to feel incredible to wear in many situations. You’ll even find that they’re quite breathable. It makes them feel even nicer to wear during the summer months when you want to be able to stay cool. They’re also quick-drying in case you happen to get wet.

You’ll also be able to convert these pants into capris if you want to. They come with ankle ties, and they’re very easy to use. The pants come in three different colors as well. You can pick from gray, black, and olive.


  • Eleven pockets
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Weight management system
  • Quick-drying


  • More vibrant colors would be nice

5. Rekucci Travel in Style – Women’s Classic Straight Leg Pants

Finally, we’re going to take a look at these straight leg travel pants from Rekucci. They’re actually really nice and focus on providing fashionable pants that are going to look really good in many situations. These pants are designed to be fun and fashionable while also being able to handle travel. You can use these in many different social situations, and they can be paired with many types of outfits.

[earnist ref=”rekucci-travel-in-style-womens-classic-straight-leg-pant” id=”13327″]

These straight pants are a pull-on style with a flat hidden elastic waistband. They’re mid-rise pants that are made to sit just below your waist. The straight leg shape looks really good with this design, and it’s definitely going to please you from an aesthetic perspective. If you want pants that will look nice while still being comfortable, then these fit the bill.

It’s also nice to know that these pants are made out of wrinkle-resistant fabric. You can pack these pants if you want to, and they won’t wrinkle up. Many women choose to buy multiple pairs of these pants to take with them on vacation. They’re made from a blend of 96% polyester and 4% spandex.

Rekucci Travel in Style - Curvy Woman Classic Straight Leg Plus Size Pant (4X,Navy) One of the best things to keep in mind about these pants is how versatile they are from a style perspective. They come in several colors and styles. Overall, these pants look much more high-end than the other options on this list. They may lack some of the special features that you’ll find convenient about the other options, but they’re much more focused on fashion.

They might be lacking in some areas, though. If you care about things such as pockets and whether or not the pants will be breathable during the summer months, then these won’t be ideal for you. This is better for people who want to maintain a certain type of look while still being comfortable. These are worth considering, but they won’t be perfect for every woman who is looking for a pair of travel pants.


  • Very fashionable
  • Many styles/colors available
  • High-end look
  • Comfortable
  • Wrinkle-resistant


  • Lacks pockets

 Decision Time: What are the Best Travel Pants for You?

Now that you’ve seen all of the options above, you should have an easier time picking out which travel pants will work for you. It’s easy to see that the five options we’ve presented you are all quite different. If you’re looking for style, then going with the [earnist_link ref=”rekucci-travel-in-style-womens-classic-straight-leg-pant” id=”13327″]Rekucci pants[/earnist_link] might be worthwhile. Otherwise, you might want to consider a practical option such as the [earnist_link ref=”scottevest-margaux-cargaux-travel-pants-11-pockets-travel-cargo-pants” id=”13326″]SCOTTeVEST travel pants[/earnist_link].

Either way, you’ll be getting high-quality pants that will keep you feeling comfortable during your travels. Just try to keep in mind what matters to you the most while you’re traveling. Picking out the best option that will work for your needs should be simple. You’ll have a fantastic vacation, and you’ll be very happy that you bought some comfy pants for the occasion.