The 5 Best Travel Gifts for Women: Buyers Guide & Reviews

If one of the special ladies in your life has a birthday or anniversary coming up, then you might be thinking about what to buy her. Finding the right option isn’t always easy but you should try to put some thought into it. If you have a girlfriend, wife, or another type of important woman in your life who loves to travel, then it’s a great idea to buy her a gift that is travel-related. It isn’t always easy to decide what to purchase, though.

There are so many different travel gifts that you could buy that it might be somewhat hard to narrow things down. You should usually try to consider what the woman in your life enjoys in order to pick out something that will make her happy. That being said, there are some travel gifts that will generally please most people. Today we’re going to take a look at the best travel gifts for women in order to help you out.

Examine the top five best travel gifts for women below. These gift ideas should give you plenty to consider and you’ll have an easier time feeling confident in your choice. The lady in your life will surely be pleased that you remembered her and you’ll be able to enjoy making her smile. Take the time to look through all of the recommended options before making a decision.

1. WAYPOINT GOODS Travel Scarf / Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Those who are looking for a unique and cool gift to give to their special ladies should consider this travel scarf. This is an incredibly high-quality scarf that is made to look great while also being very functional. It has been made from a soft and very durable fabric. The scarf is stitched very well and it should stand up to many years of use while still looking fantastic.

[earnist ref=”waypoint-goods-travel-scarf-infinity-scarf-with-hidden-pocket” id=”13208″]

Of course, travel scarves such as this are really appealing due to the nifty hidden pocket feature. This scarf has a nice hidden pocket that is going to be large enough to hold many different items. You should be able to fit a passport, smartphone, money, and many other things inside of this hidden pocket. It’s very inconspicuous too, meaning that it isn’t going to be obvious that someone is hiding things inside of the scarf.

Looks really do matter when it comes to buying a travel scarf as well. Thankfully, this scarf looks absolutely fantastic. It has been made to look as beautiful as it can be. You’ll be able to choose from a large number of different colors such as sapphire, black and orange, orchid, red and yellow, purple and yellow, hibiscus, garnet, lagoon, and so much more. With so many options to consider, it should be easy to find a color combination that will appeal to the lady in your life.

WAYPOINT GOODS Travel Scarf // Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket (Onyx) The cost of this scarf is actually very reasonable too. This makes it a very good gift idea for just about any occasion. If you’ve been looking for a practical gift for a woman who loves to travel, then this definitely fits the bill. It can potentially help to keep her safe while she’s traveling and it’s just a really nice scarf.


  • It has a hidden zipper pocket.
  • It is great quality.
  • It comes in many different colors and color combinations.
  • It is reasonably priced.


  • It is too warm to wear during autumn in some places.

2. Dandelion Travel Adapter Outlet Universal Wall Charger (UK, USA, AU, Europe, Asia)

If the special woman in your life likes to travel abroad, then this is going to be a truly practical gift. One thing that some people don’t think about when traveling to other countries is that the power outlets are not the same. If your woman friend is planning a trip to Japan, then she might arrive and find out that her phone charger plug is not going to fit in the outlets over in that country. Thankfully, this gift will allow her to work around these restrictions.

[earnist ref=”dandelion-travel-adapter-international-universal-power-converter-plug” id=”13209″]

A travel adapter outlet universal wall charger such as this is very convenient to own when you like to travel to other countries. Having this adapter allows you to charge your phone or other devices without having to worry about the plug. This can adapt to the outlets in the UK, other parts of the EU, Australia, and even Asia. This is a very good travel gift for any woman and it’ll also prove to be a practical gift choice.

You won’t have to worry about the safety of your devices either. This can easily and safely adapt your devices so that they can be charged. You’ll even be able to charge up to three devices at the same time. There are two USB ports that will allow for fast charging of your devices and there’s also the eight-hole socket that you’ll be able to make use of.

Travel Adapter, International Universal Power Converter Plug, All In One Outlet Charger US to Europe Argentina, Electrical Adaptor 220v with Dual USB for UK USA EU Australia South America Asia (white) Using this is easier than you might think it would be too. You just need to rotate things into position in order to adapt to whatever plug you need to use. There aren’t any confusing levers or other arduous processes that you need to go through. This is a simple tool that should be in your travel suitcase if you plan on traveling abroad.

The device itself is made out of polycarbonate material and is completely fire-retardant. The inside of the adapter makes use of nickel brass for conduction. This should last for a very long time. It’s a gift that could turn into a useful item for so many years to come.


  • It is very compact.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It adapts to many different plugs from various countries.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is durable and should last a long time.


  • It has LED lights that might be distracting at night.

3. Travelon Women’s Anti-theft Heritage Small Crossbody Travel Purse

Another excellent gift idea is to buy your female companion a travel purse. Having the right type of purse for a travel situation really does matter. If you don’t have a good purse to travel with, then it winds up becoming less safe than it should be. Women want to have access to a purse that can hold the necessities while also keeping their stuff safe.

[earnist ref=”travelon-womens-anti-theft-heritage-small-crossbody-cross-body-bag” id=”13192″]

This is one of the best travel purse options on the market for a few reasons. Firstly, this purse has many different anti-theft measures in place to help keep belongings safe. The main compartment of this purse is capable of locking and it also has a special RFID-blocking pocket. This helps to keep people from stealing data from your chip-enabled credit cards, driver’s license, or passport.

The purse is also made to be very slash-resistant. This means that it’s going to be much harder for a would-be thief or mugger to steal the purse by slashing the strap and running away with the bag. This purse doesn’t slash easily and it’ll be rugged enough to withstand some punishment. It’s actually pretty nice-looking as well, meaning that your girlfriend or wife will find it to be very appealing visually.

Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody Cross Body Bag, Pewter, One Size - 33226 540 There aren’t a ton of different color options when you’re buying this purse but there are a few. You can buy the purse in either pewter, indigo, bordeaux, or sage. It also has a very nice polyester lining. There are even several pockets in this purse so it’ll be pretty easy to keep stuff organized.

Giving this travel purse as a gift should wind up being a big hit. It’s convenient and lightweight, making it simple to take on a trip. This even has the ability to be strapped to your luggage so that it can be rolled behind you. This travel purse comes highly recommended and should be a great gift idea for a travel-loving lady.


  • It has anti-theft capabilities.
  • It is slash-resistant.
  • It has several pockets.
  • It can be strapped to your luggage.


  • It is not the biggest purse in the world.

4. 4kits Hanging Roll-Up Makeup Bag

The special woman in your life might like makeup quite a bit. If she does, then this travel gift is certainly going to be very appropriate. This is an excellent hanging roll-up makeup bag that will fit a lot of makeup. This can also be used effectively as a toiletry kit and is very convenient for travel purposes.

[earnist ref=”hanging-roll-up-makeup-bag-toiletry-kit-travel-organizer-for-women” id=”13210″]

There are four different compartments to make use of in this bag. All of the compartments have their own zippers and it’s easy to keep things organized properly. You can pretty much use this however you see fit. It’s advertised as a makeup bag but this will be good for storing plenty of other types of things as well.

Many women wind up using these roll-up makeup bags to store lots of stuff. They can store hairbrushes, toiletries, feminine care products, and much more. It’s even possible to put a curling iron or straightener in the middle. This is a truly useful gift that can fit in a suitcase or many types of backpacks.

Hanging Roll-Up Makeup Bag / Toiletry Kit / Travel Organizer for Women - 4 Removable Storage Bags - Organize Make Up, Cosmetics, First Aid, Medicine, Personal Care, Bathroom, Palette / Brush Holder A woman can use something such as this to keep many essentials properly organized while she’s traveling. It’s a very practical gift that will wind up being used all the time. It should wind up standing the test of time as well. This has been made with very strong fabric and the zippers are truly high-quality.

Hanging this bag is very easy too. You can attach it to any hook and hang it up in your hotel room for your convenience. This is also made to make TSA inspection very easy so you should be able to take this on an airplane without having any problems. So long as you adhere to the proper laws regarding what you can and cannot take, this is going to be a useful thing to have.


  • It is easy to hang on any hook.
  • It is made with sturdy construction.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is TSA-friendly.
  • It is useful for multiple purposes.


  • Some women will find this more useful than others.

5. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

Traveling on airplanes has the potential to be very exhausting. Depending on how long your flight is, you might wind up needing to get some sleep. For this reason, having an airplane footrest would be pretty nice in many situations. If you have enough legroom to make use of a footrest, then being able to prop your feet up would make it so much simpler to fall asleep on a plane.

[earnist ref=”sleepy-ride-airplane-footrest-made-with-premium-memory-foam” id=”13211″]

Buying this as a travel gift for a woman is a very good idea. If your girlfriend or wife travels regularly, then it makes sense that she might need this. A product such as this can prevent swelling and soreness. Many people use these airplane footrests in order to alleviate back pain as well.

This is actually easier to use than you might expect too. You simply hang this footrest on the arms of the tray table and then you put your feet on it. It truly is as simple as that, meaning that anyone will be able to make use of this. You just need a little bit of room to be able to extend your legs and it really will make a big difference.

Sleepy Ride - Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam - Airplane Travel Accessories - Tested and Proven to Prevent Swelling and Soreness - Provides Relaxation and Comfort (Jet Black) The feeling of using this footrest is similar to using a hammock. Your legs can gently sway while you’re reclining in your seat. It feels pretty comfortable to use and the footrest has a very pillow-like quality to it. It’s made out of memory foam and winds up working very well.

You’ll also find that this is a lightweight and compact product that is easier to take with you on an airplane. You can fit this footrest into any carry-on bag and it could probably fit in your girlfriend’s purse just fine too, depending on the size of the purse. This comes with a drawstring carry bag as well if you’d prefer to carry it that way. This is going to be a good option for women who are 5’8” or shorter.


  • It feels comfortable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is very lightweight and compact.
  • It can help alleviate back pain, leg swelling, and foot pain.


  • This isn’t going to be good for tall women.

Decision Time: Which of these Women’s Travel Gifts will You Buy?

The above information should give you plenty to think about when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your travel-loving lady. All of the gifts featured in this list are good options and you should give them some consideration. I’d recommend the [earnist_link ref=”travelon-womens-anti-theft-heritage-small-crossbody-cross-body-bag” id=”13192″]Travelon anti-theft purse[/earnist_link] as an ideal choice. You should know the special woman in your life the best, though, so keep her personality in mind and pick something that she will truly love.

Getting a gift for someone special to you is a personal experience. These are just some of our recommendations for what you should consider buying. Hopefully, this list helped to spark some ideas and has given you inspiration. You might even want to go ahead and buy one of the above items due to how useful they truly are.

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