The 5 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Getting ready for a long flight isn’t always going to be easy. Some people get antsy just thinking about being on a plane for longer than a couple hours. If you’re flying across the country or if you’re getting ready to fly overseas, you’re going to want to prepare a bit first. It’s important to buy some travel accessories that can make your time in the air a bit more bearable.

The best travel accessories for long flights will help to keep you comfortable or help you pass the time faster. Getting on a long flight without some of these accessories will make it feel like you’re flying for even longer than really are. That’s why we’re going to discuss the top five best travel accessories for long flights today. These accessories are all great in different ways, and you might even want to consider purchasing all of them if you have a particularly long flight ahead of you.

1. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

Getting a neck cramp while you’re on a long flight is not going to be a pleasant experience. If you want to be able to feel as good as possible, then you should really consider purchasing a neck pillow. When you’re in the air for a long period of time, it’s going to be important to be able to relax. A good neck pillow can help you with that by providing the necessary support.

best travel accessories for long flights

[earnist ref=”bcozzy-chin-supporting-travel-pillow” id=”12968″]

This neck pillow from BCOZZY is going to work out nicely. It provides great neck support and also supports your chin. This is going to keep your head from moving forward when you’re trying to get some sleep on the plane. You can even adjust this pillow so that it can provide you with the right level of comfort.

It’s actually really easy to twist this pillow into different positions. This allows you to use the pillow in several different ways. You might want to change positions or try to sleep in a different way when you’re on a long flight. Being able to adjust the pillow as necessary is definitely going to work out well.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Patented Travel Pillow - Prevents The Head from Falling Forward in Any Sitting Position, Providing Comfort and Support for The Neck and Head. Adult Size (Gray) You’ll find that this pillow is really convenient to use at the airport, too. It has a great snap closure that allows you to attach it to your carry-on bag. This means that you don’t have to worry about stuffing it in the bag or carrying it in your hands the entire time. It’s designed to be simple to use at airports, train stations, and more.

This is also a fully machine washable pillow, meaning that you can clean it up if it gets messy. It just makes everything that much more user-friendly. You’ll be able to rely on this pillow to keep you comfortable while you’re flying. It’s one of the most important items that you can purchase when you have a long flight ahead of you.


  • Provides great neck and chin support
  • Can be twisted into different positions
  • Snap-closure allows you to attach it to your carry-on bag
  • Fully machine washable


  • Pillow may smell if you sweat on it

2. Wanderlust Travel Compression Socks

Traveling is not always going to be easy when you have problems with your feet. Some people are prone to having their feet or legs swell up when they’re traveling by air. This can lead to a lot of pain, and you don’t want to be uncomfortable on a long flight. When you’re going to be in the air for quite some time, it’s important to prepare by wearing travel compression socks.

[earnist ref=”wanderlust-air-travel-compression-socks” id=”13140″]

These travel compression socks from Wanderlust are going to keep your feet and legs from swelling up. These are actually capable of providing medical grade compression. They will increase your blood circulation and help to eliminate any pain that you might be experiencing. You’ll feel far less fatigued while on a long flight if you have compression socks like these to wear.

You’ll find that these socks are actually really comfortable to wear, too. They feel natural on your feet and aren’t going to be cumbersome to wear for long periods of time. If you have problems with your legs during a flight, then these will make a huge difference. They’ll also make it a lot easier to walk through the airport since they can relieve the pressure from standing on your feet for long periods of time.

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks - Premium Graduated Support Stockings For Men & Women - Prevents Swelling, Pain, Edema, & DVT! Great For Nurses, Airplane Flight, Running, Maternity, & More! It’s also important to know that these have a unisex design. They’re made to be used by both men and women. They come in both black and white colors. Many people wind up using these socks for purposes other than travel as well, so they might come in handy even once you’re finished with your flight.

Depending on your situation, these compression socks might wind up being a necessity for you. You definitely don’t want to experience foot swelling issues while you’re stuck on a plane for hours. These do an admirable job of preventing issues like this. It’s a cost-effective way to keep yourself more comfortable on the flight.


  • Feels comfortable to wear
  • Can prevent foot swelling
  • Soothes pain
  • Made for both men and women


  • Might be too restrictive for some

3. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

You know that being comfortable is very important on a long flight. Sometimes you’re going to want to be able to sleep but won’t be able to due to not having a comfortable position for your feet. If you buy this airplane footrest from Sleepy Ride, then you should be able to get much better results. This makes it a lot easier for you to get comfortable and settle in for a longer flight.

[earnist ref=”sleepy-ride-airplane-footrest-made-with-premium-memory-foam” id=”13211″]

This footrest has been made using high-quality memory foam. The memory foam is actually really thick, so it works as a perfect footrest. You’ll be able to rest your feet on this footrest to relax and get a little bit of sleep. It really does make a big difference when you’re trying to get as comfortable as possible.

It works a lot like a small hammock for your feet. You’ll be getting leg support and lower back support while you’re resting. Your feet can gently sway as you’re traveling the skies, and you’ll feel significantly more comfortable than you did before. It helps to prevent lower back pain, leg stiffness, and leg swelling.

Sleepy Ride - Airplane Footrest Made with Premium Memory Foam - Airplane Travel Accessories - Tested and Proven to Prevent Swelling and Soreness - Provides Relaxation and Comfort (Jet Black) Using this footrest is decidedly simple, and anyone is going to be able to do it. You simply hang this footrest from the tray table and then place your feet on the memory foam cushion. The footrest comes with adjustable straps so that you can get the comfort level just right. It couldn’t be any simpler to use.

The only problem with this accessory is that it isn’t going to work for taller individuals. This has been designed to work for people who are 5’8” or shorter. Those who are taller are not going to have an easy time making use of this. It makes it so that most men won’t be able to use this, so this is an entry that is likely going to appeal more to women.


  • Very comfortable
  • Provides leg and lower back support
  • Easy to use
  • Makes it easier to fall asleep


  • Won’t work for those who are 5’8” or taller

4. COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Some people need to be able to block out sounds to relax. If you get very bothered by airplane noises or other people talking, then long flights are going to be horrible for you. Thankfully, you can simply buy some noise-canceling headphones to help make things better. This is going to allow you to block out noises so that you can have a better overall experience.

[earnist ref=”cowin-e7-pro-upgraded-active-noise-cancelling-headphones” id=”13073″]

These noise-canceling headphones here work fantastically to block out noise. They make use of advanced noise reduction technology to block out airplane cabin noise. You can focus on enjoying what you want to listen to during your flight instead. You’ll be able to hear your music, movie, or show clearly, and it’ll be a lot more relaxing.

You’ll also love the fact that these are Bluetooth headphones. It makes it very easy to use these with any of your devices that you’ll likely be bringing with you on a flight. They’re very simple to use and you will just be able to focus on entertainment to make your long flight better. Going on a flight without these would be far less enjoyable.

COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone/Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear 30H Playtime for Travel/Work/TV/Computer/Cellphone - Black These headphones are going to give you a very deep and accurate bass response. You’ll be able to enjoy music to the fullest if you choose to buy these. They’re capable of giving you the powerful sound that you need so that your music will sound better. Any music lover is going to find these to be a fantastic accessory for a long flight.

You’ll even have access to a high-quality built-in microphone when using this product. It makes it so that you can make hands-free phone calls. These will be practical to own even when you aren’t going on a long flight. They’re even incredibly comfortable, allowing you to wear them for longer periods of time without feeling like it’s a nuisance.


  • Bluetooth
  • Feels comfortable to wear
  • Makes music sound better
  • Blocks out airplane cabin noises


  • Not as good as some more expensive noise-canceling headphones

5. Kululu Some ZZZ’s 4-in-1 Poncho Style Travel Blanket

Finally, you’re definitely going to want to consider buying a travel blanket for a long flight. There are likely going to be times when the airplane cabin is going to get too chilly. If you’re the type of person who is prone to getting too cold, then you’re going to want a blanket. This 4-in-1 poncho-style travel blanket is going to be a perfect option to consider.

[earnist ref=”kululu-some-zzzs-4-in-1-poncho-style-travel-blanket-and-shredded-memory-foam-pillow-set-the-perfect-plush-blanket-comfortable-pillow-set-for-a-cozy-first-class-travel-on-airplanes-trains-cars” id=”13298″]

You’re probably wondering what the 4-in-1 part of this travel blanket is. Basically, it’s going to function in several different ways. You can wear it like a poncho, it has an included pillow, there is a pocket for storing things, and it comes with a carrying pouch. The carrying pouch can even attach to your rolling suitcase for your convenience.

Simply put, this is going to help you to stay comfortable while you’re traveling. If you want to keep yourself cozy while you’re on a long flight, then this is definitely something that you should consider purchasing. It feels really soft against your skin and is going to make it so much easier to relax. It can cover your body pretty well when being worn, so you should stay warm even if it’s quite cold.

Kululu Some ZZZ's 4-in-1 Poncho Style Travel Blanket and & Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Set. The Perfect Plush Blanket & Comfortable Pillow Set for a Cozy First-Class Travel on Airplanes, Trains, Cars. Many people use these blankets when they’re waiting at the airport, too. They’ll be good to use as throw blankets when you’re at home. It’s a good idea to consider buying one of these if you need a versatile blanket. They aren’t very expensive, and it’ll make a long flight that much easier to get through.


  • Can be worn like a poncho
  • Very soft
  • Comes with a pillow and a carrying case
  • There’s a pocket to store things


  • Might not fit into your carry-on if you don’t have much room

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

There are definitely a lot of options for you to consider above. If you have a long flight ahead of you, then it’s a good idea to consider buying accessories that can make things easier. All of these are worth purchasing, but we definitely recommend at least buying the [earnist_link ref=”kululu-some-zzzs-4-in-1-poncho-style-travel-blanket-and-shredded-memory-foam-pillow-set-the-perfect-plush-blanket-comfortable-pillow-set-for-a-cozy-first-class-travel-on-airplanes-trains-cars” id=”13298″]Kululu travel blanket[/earnist_link] since it also comes with a pillow. The other products are also recommended, as they will make your flight feel better overall.

Don’t try to get through a long flight without the right stuff. It’s just going to be an annoying experience and you’ll feel like it couldn’t end soon enough. If you have items such as pillows, noise-canceling headphones, footrests, and compression socks, things won’t be nearly as bad. Get what you need before your big flight so that you can stay comfortable the entire time.

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