The 5 Best Crossbody Bags for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

When you’re planning a big trip, you want to do what you can to make your travel experience as easy as possible. A lot of this comes down to having the right types of bags to carry your belongings. One of the best ideas is to buy something that will work well as a carry-on and that will also be useful once you get to your destination. This is why so many people decide to purchase crossbody bags.

Finding the best crossbody bag for travel might not always be easy, though. Simply put, there are a large number of different options to choose from. It’s going to take some time to figure out which ones are worthwhile and which ones are better off being avoided. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself.

Today we’re going to be taking a deep look at the top five best crossbody bags for travel. These options are very popular and each of them is good in a different way. All of them will be worth your time, but you should be able to narrow it down to the best one based on your personal preferences. Simply keep reading to dig into the information.

1. Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag

First up we have the Travelon Anti-Theft crossbody bucket bag. This is going to be one of the ideal options for several different reasons. The first thing that you’ll take notice of is the fact that this is an anti-theft crossbody bag. This means that it’s going to be very difficult for a thief to steal and it’s going to keep your belongings safer than many other crossbody bags would. You’ll be able to make great use of the locking main compartment to tuck away all of your important items.

[earnist ref=”travelon-anti-theft-cross-body-bucket-bag” id=”13214″]

This bag also has a very good organizational compartment. This helps you to keep things tidy inside the bag and it just makes things a lot easier overall. It’s also important to know that you have RFID blocking card and passport slots. This will prevent unscrupulous individuals from trying to steal data from your chip-enabled credit cards and your passport.

Also, the body of this bag is slash resistant. This means that a potential thief isn’t going to be able to walk up to you and cut the straps of the bag to steal it. This isn’t an easy bag to cut, making it durable and far safer to use while you’re traveling. The straps are very sturdy and you’ll have an easy time making use of them.

Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag, Black, One Size You can even attach the straps to a chair or a post if you ever need to do so. Some people like to attach these crossbody bags to their rolling suitcases when they’re traveling around an airport. This can be quite convenient and it winds up working really well. You’ll never have a hard time getting around when you’re able to make use of this bag.

The pockets are great, too, and you’re going to have tons of options. There is the front slash pocket, a rear zipper pocket, and two mesh expansion pockets. The mesh expansion pockets are perfect for holding water bottles or an umbrella. This is a very good crossbody bag that is going to appeal to most travelers.


  • Anti-theft
  • Slash-resistant
  • Many great pockets
  • Can be strapped to a chair, post, or rolling suitcase easily


  • Stitching could use improvement

2. TOPNICE Sling Bag Crossbody

This is going to be one of the best options on the list that is meant for both men and women. Some of the bags being showcased here are going to appeal to women more than men, but this is definitely a crossbody bag with universal appeal. The design is simple, but it looks very nice. More importantly, this bag is very functional and you’ll have an easy time making use of it while you’re traveling.

[earnist ref=”topnice-sling-back-pack-shoulder-chest-crossbody-bag” id=”13215″]

One of the first things that you’ll notice about this bag is how slim it is. This is a nice compact bag that is always going to be easy to carry around. You can carry this bag crossbody style over your shoulder without it ever feeling like a burden. This is going to make it as easy as possible to carry your important items with you without having something heavier, such as a backpack, slowing you down.

It’ll be easy to do certain physical activities while you’re wearing a bag such as this. You could go biking if you wanted to while having a convenient spot to tuck your phone, passport, and other important items. This has an adjustable strap and is going to be a good fit for people who are slim or average sized. It gives you easy access to all of the zippers so that you can grab your stuff when necessary.

TOPNICE Sling Back Pack Shoulder Chest Crossbody Bags Lightweight Casual Outdoor Sport Travel Hiking Multipurpose Anti Theft Sling Purse Bags for Men Women in Gray This bag has many different pockets and compartments for you to make use of, too. There is a main zipper pocket, a magnetic snap phone pocket, two front zipper pockets, and a small inner zipper pocket. The small inner zipper pocket is especially noteworthy due to the inclusion of an RFID blocking lining. This is an overall very good bag that just about anyone will be pleased with.

The only big problem with this option is that the adjustable strap isn’t going to allow for people who are bigger. If you’re a bit bigger than average, or even if you’re tall, you might not be able to use this bag comfortably. It’s very good for most women and it works well for some men. If you’re worried about whether you’re going to be able to use this bag right due to your size, then it might be best to turn to another option.


  • Very compact
  • Easy to carry around
  • For both men and women
  • Adjustable strap
  • Many pockets with RFID blocking functionality


  • Not a good option for people who are slightly larger than average

3. Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag

Once you take a look at this crossbody bag you’ll be able to see that it’s an appealing option for women. This is a very fashionable crossbody bag that will work as a good alternative for a purse for women that prefer the crossbody style. This bag is excellent for travel purposes, as long as you don’t need the extra security features. If you aren’t worried about theft and are more concerned about style, then this crossbody bag is for you.

[earnist ref=”roma-leathers-genuine-leather-multi-pocket-crossbody-purse-bag” id=”13216″]

Of course, this is made out of genuine cowhide leather. It looks really fantastic and you’re going to be getting a very premium product for a low price. For a bag that is priced so affordably, this really does look like a high-end leather crossbody bag. If you like the look of premium products and want to be able to stick within a certain budget, then this bag makes a lot of sense.

This is actually a pretty practical option as well. The zip around pocket organizer works really nicely and you’ll also have several exterior zip pockets that you can use. With four exterior pockets, you’ll have plenty of places to store your important items and documents. You should be able to fit stuff, such as your smartphone or your passport, without having any issues.

Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag (Beige) You’ll also like the adjustable shoulder strap that this bag makes use of. It allows you to turn it from a crossbody bag into a short shoulder bag. So, this basically means that it can go from crossbody mode into purse mode. This is going to be a versatile bag that many women will get a lot of use out of.


  • Can convert from crossbody mode into purse mode
  • Many pockets
  • Can fit a lot of stuff
  • Leather looks really nice


  • The leather of the bag has a smell to it
  • The lining could use improvement

4. Baggallini Pocket Lightweight Crossbody Bag

This is yet another option that is going to work excellently as a crossbody purse replacement. If you’re going on vacation and need a solid bag that can hold a lot of stuff, then this will work out well. This bag has several great features that make it more practical than many other purses or crossbody bags. For example, this has a removable strap.

[earnist ref=”baggallini-pocket-crossbody-bag” id=”13217″]

This bag also has several zipper closures that will allow you to put all of your stuff safely inside of it. It winds up being a bag that makes organization as easy as possible. You’ll have several spots to tuck things away and can keep things pretty tidy inside the bag if you want to. Also, there are five convenient credit card slots for you to make use of.

You’ll even be able to have increased peace of mind when you’re making use of this bag. You see, there is an RFID anti-theft security function built right into the lining of the bag. This will keep thieves from stealing information from your credit cards and your passport. It makes it much more practical to take this bag with you on an important trip.

Baggallini Pocket Crossbody Bag - Stylish, Lightweight, Adjustable Strap Purse With RFID-Protected Wristlet, Hands-Free Travel Bag with Interior Organizational Pockets and More The bag itself is made out of nylon and it looks really good overall. This is a pretty fashionable bag that most women will wind up really liking. There are several options when it comes to color as well. You’ll be able to choose from colors such as apple, beach, black zebra, charcoal, leopard, midnight blossom, pacific, portobello, and poppy.

As a bag that gives you many options, this one is pretty easy to recommend. This is a good bag that will be easy to carry around with you at an airport. It’ll work well as a personal item on a flight and you’ll be able to fit many necessities. This is certainly among the most practical options on this list and it’s even water resistant for your convenience.


  • Great organization
  • Water resistant
  • Comes in many colors
  • Anti-theft RFID blocking lining
  • Removable strap


  • Sometimes, the strap may come loose if you aren’t careful

5. MALEDEN Sling Bag for Men and Women

Finally, we have the MALEDEN sling bag that is perfect for both men and women. This bag is going to be a practical option for everybody and it has been made to make travel convenient. You’ll find that this crossbody sling bag has great organizational compartments. You can also make use of the largest zippered compartment of the bag to fit a tablet or laptop computer that is up to 8”.

[earnist ref=”maleden-sling-bag-water-resistant-outdoor-shoulder-backpack-chest-pack-crossbody-bags-for-women-and-men” id=”13218″]

You’ll also have a small zippered area for your phone and plenty of other spots to put your other important belongings. There are several compartments and this will allow you to easily carry your passport, credit cards, and other important stuff. Everything is always going to be easily accessible, too. This is great for the airport and it’ll be convenient while you’re walking around on vacation, too.

It’s also really nice that this crossbody bag is so breathable. The mesh nature of the strap keeps it from making you too hot. This makes a big difference when you’re walking around in very hot weather. The strap is even padded so it’s going to be as comfortable as possible to carry this with you to different places.

MALEDEN Sling Bag, Water Resistant Outdoor Shoulder Backpack Chest Pack Crossbody Bags for Women and Men Causal Daypacks for Hiking Cycling and Travel You also need to know that this bag is water resistant. This makes it more practical to take it with you to places where there is a risk of getting wet. A little bit of water isn’t going to harm this bag and your stuff will be safe. It’s also made out of anti-scratch nylon, so it should be able to last for quite a long time.

The bag is even available in quite a few different colors. You can choose from black, blue, green, orange, purple, and red. The bag looks really nice and it functions very nicely. This is well worth considering if you need a convenient travel bag that won’t be tough to carry around.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Several compartments
  • Very breathable and comfortable
  • Water resistant


  • Zippers aren’t the best

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel

Now that you’ve seen all of the amazing crossbody bags that are available above, you’ll be able to make your decision. We would recommend the [earnist_link ref=”travelon-anti-theft-cross-body-bucket-bag” id=”13214″]Travelon Anti-theft crossbody bag[/earnist_link] as a great value. Which one is going to be your ideal bag will be up to you. Take the time to look at all five of these options and then figure out how you want to proceed.

You have all of the right information in front of you, so don’t hesitate to buy the crossbody bag that you need. This is going to make your trip that much easier overall. These work well as carry-on bags and they’re convenient for taking around with you on vacation. As a sensible and convenient travel bag, crossbody bags are hard to beat.