The 5 Best Duffel Bags for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Having the right type of bag when you’re going on a trip is going to make your life a lot easier. If you don’t have a good duffel bag that is easy to use, then you’re going to have a tougher time. You don’t want to feel improperly prepared when you have a vacation coming up. It’s best to do a little research and get a nice bag so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Ideally, you’re going to want a bag that will fit lots of stuff while remaining easy to carry around. You don’t want it to be tough to carry around an airport. It might also be good to find a bag that will fit into an overhead compartment of an airplane for your convenience. This is why you need to look into what the best duffel bag for travel is.

Thankfully, you aren’t going to have to go into this situation blind. We’re going to be showing off the top five best duffel bags for travel today. All of these duffel bags are going to be good options to consider. Which of them will wind up being the ultimate winner in your eyes is going to be completely up to you.

1. Toupons Canvas Travel Tote Luggage Weekender Duffel Bag

This canvas duffel bag from Toupons stands out for being particularly thick and durable. This is made out of canvas and you can trust that this bag is built to last. If you need to check this bag at the airport, then it has the durability to make it through unscathed. It should work as a carry-on bag at many different airlines as well.

[earnist ref=”toupons-canvas-duffel-bag-small-carry-on-bag-overnight-bag-weekender-bag” id=”13228″]

You’ll find that this bag is pretty versatile overall. Most of the people who buy this will be using it as a travel duffel bag. It can fit a good amount of stuff and it’s easy enough to carry around. This will also make for a very good tote bag or you can use it as a gym bag if you’d like to.

Being able to fit quite a bit of stuff in this bag makes it easy to recommend. This duffel bag can fit a lot of stuff such as shoes, clothing items, and it can even fit a laptop that is up to 14” in size. It should work out perfectly for a trip that is several days long, but you might need a larger bag if you’re packing for a week or longer. Regardless, it’s impressive how much can fit into this duffel bag.

Toupons Canvas Duffel Bag Small Carry-on Bag Overnight Bag Weekender Bag for Men (Grey) The shoulder strap of this bag is adjustable and removable. You’ll be able to position this just right so that it’ll be as comfortable to carry around as possible. Overall, we found that this bag is quite lightweight. It never felt like a burden walking around with this duffel bag.

The bag has several convenient compartments, too. You’ll be able to make use of two side pockets, two front zipper pockets, one back zipper pocket, and one inner zipper pocket. This should be enough to help you keep your belongings organized and it gives you plenty of spots to tuck things away. As a travel duffel bag, this one works out very nicely.


  • Very durable
  • Should work as a carry-on at many airlines
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Fits a lot of stuff


  • Not big enough for longer trips

2. emissary Duffel Bag Carry On Bag

This duffel bag has been finely crafted by the talented people over at emissary. The duffel bag has been made from quality waxed canvas and it also features genuine leather accents. This comes together to create a bag that looks absolutely fantastic. This is something that you’ll be proud to be seen carrying through the airport and it even has heavy-duty metal zippers.

[earnist ref=”emissary-duffel-bag-carry-on-bag” id=”13229″]

Another thing to take note of is the fact that this duffel bag has a lot of different pockets for you to make use of. There are many pockets that will help you to keep your stuff properly organized. It’s going to be simple to find a convenient spot to tuck things away. It’s always better to have more spots to put things in your duffel bag and this one won’t disappoint you.

Overall, you should be able to fit quite a bit of stuff in this duffel bag. You’ll be able to fit enough clothes for a weekend trip and you might be able to fit some other devices in there depending on what you need to take with you. The bag should be able to keep your stuff safe and it’s been made to be pretty durable. It’s easy to recommend this as a good fit for just about any professional.

emissary Duffel Bag Carry On Bag [Canvas and Leather Duffle] Large Overnight Bag for Men (Brown Weekender Bag) The straps on this bag feel really great when you’re carrying them around. In our experience, the leather straps always seemed to be incredibly sturdy. It never felt like the straps were in danger of slipping. Even when you pack this bag quite full, you shouldn’t encounter any strap problems.

You’ll definitely love how affordable this duffel bag is as well. Being able to get such a fashionable and reliable bag at a low price is really great. This should be a good fit for many people and it definitely deserves its spot on this list.


  • Looks very professional
  • Fits a good bit of stuff
  • Heavy duty metal zippers
  • Straps feel good and seem sturdy
  • Quite affordable for what you’re getting


  • Only good for weekend trips and short jaunts

3. AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag

The AmazonBasics products have a good reputation for providing customers with quality products at a good price. That is also going to be the case when you take a look at this large duffel bag here. You’ll be getting a large bag that is capable of fitting quite a lot of stuff. This is going to be a very convenient bag to take with you on various types of trips.

[earnist ref=”amazonbasics-large-duffel-bag” id=”13230″]

Using this bag for travel is going to work out very nicely. This is a large rectangular-shaped bag that has a very roomy interior. There is actually more than 6,000 cubic inches of space in this bag, meaning that you have plenty of room for clothes and anything else that you decide to try to pack. This will work great for travel and can even work out well for storage.

The bag itself has been made using 100% nylon. It manages to be quite durable while also being lightweight. This shouldn’t be a cumbersome type of bag to have to carry around. You’ll be able to carry this from destination to destination without it being a hassle. The bag is capable of holding up to 50 pounds worth of stuff too, so you can tell that it’s quite rugged.

AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag, Black This bag is going to have both a zippered interior pocket and a zippered exterior pocket for you to make use of. This should make it easy for you to put your stuff inside the bag while keeping things organized. If you need to put something such as your keys or phone in the bag, then it’ll be very easy to access the pockets to get things back out. It has an intuitive design that is very user friendly.

The zipper closure is very durable and should not give you any problems even after being used for a long time. The top loop handles of this bag are sturdy and they make it easy to carry your bag around. This bag is also collapsible to make storage simpler. This is a highly recommended bag that is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.


  • This bag can fit a lot of stuff
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Many pockets that are convenient to access
  • Cost-effective


  • May not fit in some overhead compartments

4. Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag for Travel

This is another duffel bag option that is worth taking a look at. What makes this one stand out from the rest of the pack is how multi-functional it is. This bag comes with a rounded stitched grip handle and it is also padded. The shoulder strap is completely adjustable, allowing you to customize things to your liking.

[earnist ref=”plambag-canvas-duffle-bag-for-travel-50l-duffel-overnight-weekend-bagdark-gray” id=”13231″]

As a duffel bag, this one is going to work well for so many purposes. It’s likely most commonly used for traveling but it’ll also be great for the gym, camping, business, or many other activities. It has a removable shoulder strap buckle and it’s going to appeal to both men and women. This makes it a good purchase that you’ll get a lot of use out of.

You’re going to really like the two-way zipper closures on the top of this bag. They work really nicely and you’ll also have multiple pockets that you can make use of. All of the zippers are quite large and they’re going to be very easy to pull. The zippers feel smooth on this bag and they should hold up to regular use as well.

Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag for Travel, 50L Duffel Overnight Weekend Bag(Dark Gray) The interior of this bag has one large main compartment that can hold a laptop. It’s meant to hold laptops that are up to 15” in size. You’ll also be able to fit clothing items and other things inside of the main compartment along with the laptop. There’s an inner zipper pocket, two exterior side zipper pockets, two front zipper pockets, and one back zipper pocket that should make organizing your stuff as simple as can be.

The bag is even somewhat cushioned on the bottom to help keep your stuff safe. It has been designed pretty meticulously and it works really well. This is a practical bag to purchase and the overall asking price is reasonable. This is worth a purchase if you’re in need of a quality bag.


  • Good zippers
  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable
  • Good for multiple purposes


  • Some will wish it was more spacious

5. Bago 80L Duffel Bag for Men and Women

Lastly, we have this Bago duffel bag that is meant for both men and women. One of the most important things to know about this bag is that it’s pretty large. This is an 80L duffel bag and it’s made to fit a lot of stuff. You’ll be able to pack a bunch of stuff for your trip when you have this bag.

[earnist ref=”bago-80l-duffle-bag-for-women-men” id=”13232″]

This duffel bag winds up providing you with some good organizational options as well. For instance, it has a shoe compartment that you can use to keep your shoes separate from your clothing items. You can take a bunch of stuff with you if you pack things right. Some people even wind up using this bag for storage purposes due to how much stuff it can hold.

This will make for a very good weekender duffel bag that will fit all of the most important things. It can fit a lot of things, but it still manages to feel lightweight. This is made to be much lighter than most traditional duffel bags. You’ll be able to carry this around the airport without it feeling like a burden at any time.

Bago 80L Duffle Bag for Women & Men - 27" Travel Bag Large Foldable Duffel bag Durability is also crucial when picking out a quality duffel bag. Thankfully, this bag winds up being a spectacularly durable option. The fabric is made to be waterproof and the material is also capable of resisting tears. This can stand up to some punishment without being messed up or ruined, so you’ll be able to use this for a long time.

It should also be nice to know that this bag comes in quite a few colors. You’re going to be able to purchase it in standard black or you can choose colors such as blue, purple, green, pink, or red. This allows you to pick a color that matches up with your own personal sense of style. You won’t have any problems finding an appealing color and it’ll make your next trip much simpler.


  • Very durable
  • Fits a lot of stuff
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes in many colors


  • You might encounter issues with the inside lining after a while

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Duffel Bags for Travel

After looking at the various duffel bag options, it should be clear that all of them are quite nice. Out of the five duffel bags, we would recommend giving the [earnist_link ref=”toupons-canvas-duffel-bag-small-carry-on-bag-overnight-bag-weekender-bag” id=”13228″]Toupons duffel bag[/earnist_link] a shot due to its overall versatility. All of the other options are great to, so just pick the one that you think fits your needs the best. You’ll feel much more prepared for the upcoming trip and you can get ready to have some fun.