The 5 Best Compression Socks for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Flying for a long period of time can have a negative impact on your legs and feet. Some people experience swelling and foot pain when they’re flying. This can be annoying and it also has the potential to make your travel that much harder. Thankfully, you can help to manage the condition by making use of compression socks.

Compression socks will promote better blood flow in your legs and feet. It’ll really help to mitigate the problems that you experience during flights. If you’ve been looking for a good pair of compression socks for your next flight, then you’re in luck. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top five best compression socks for travel.

All of these compression socks are going to be helpful for you, but some will be better than others in certain areas. It’s worthwhile to take a deep look at everything that is being showcased here. We will be able to show you all of the important features that they offer to arm you with the most information possible. By the end of the article, you’ll be ready to make an informed purchasing decision.

1. Wanderlust Travel Compression Socks

These compression socks from Wanderlust are among the most popular options in use today. They’re really good at preventing swelling and pain. People use these socks for everyday use, even though they’re advertised as travel compression socks. They’re quite versatile and should prove to be a good purchase if you decide to make use of them.

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You’ll find that these socks are excellent for helping you get through a long day of travel. They’re really comfortable to wear and feel good to use for longer periods of time. Some people feel concerned about whether the compression socks will start to feel too tight after many hours of use. These are designed to be as comfortable as possible while still giving you true medical grade compression.

Also, these socks are pretty easy to take on and off. You won’t have to worry about the socks being too cumbersome to remove after your long day of travel is finally over. You should be able to enjoy increased feeling in your legs and you’ll have enough energy to get through those grueling travel days. These are designed for both men and women as well, so it’s a solution that’ll work for pretty much everyone.

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks - Premium Graduated Support Stockings For Men & Women - Prevents Swelling, Pain, Edema, & DVT! Great For Nurses, Airplane Flight, Running, Maternity, & More! We’d also like to note that the cuffs of these socks are particularly comfortable. They make use of a long elastic band that will adjust to the length of your leg. The cuffs never slip so you don’t have to deal with any discomfort while you’re walking around. These should remain nice and cozy without making you feel restricted in any way.

There are two different colors for you to choose from as well. You can buy these compression socks in black or you can buy them in white. Both versions look pretty good and they both perform the same. These are great compression socks that come highly recommended.


  • Very comfortable
  • Medical-grade compression
  • Great for everyday use
  • Provides relief from pain and swelling


  • Some people might like more color options

2. FuelMeFoot – Copper Compression Socks for Travel

If you’re looking for a really good bargain, then this might be the best option for you to choose. These compression socks are actually really good when it comes to helping you feel relief. They’re significantly less expensive than many of the other options on this list, too. To add to that, you’ll be getting three pairs of compression socks for one low price.

[earnist ref=”copper-compression-socks” id=”13141″]

You might think that these socks would be of a lesser quality due to the price. That actually isn’t the case, as they’re still able to provide very good compression. These compression socks are going to be practical to use for travel, but people also use them for athletic purposes and general pain relief. They’re very good socks that are going to help many people to feel better while on a flight.

One of the big things being advertised with this pair of socks is the use of copper. The socks aim to use copper fibers to help with blood circulation. These socks should be good when it comes to enhancing your blood flow. If you need socks for preventing fatigue due to having to sit for a long period of time, then these will do nicely.

Copper Compression Socks For Men & Women(3 Pairs)- Best For Running,Athletic,Medical,Pregnancy and Travel -15-20mmHg (L/XL, Black) Interestingly, these socks are fairly fashionable as well. They come in many different color variants, giving you a bit of a choice when you want to buy something that fits your sense of style. There are some pretty vibrant colors to choose from, so you should have no problems finding socks that appeal to you from a visual perspective. If you want something that is more fun than usual, then you might like these socks.

You should also take note that these socks have moisture-wicking capabilities. This means that you’ll be able to keep your feet dry even when you’re getting really sweaty. This is good for the summer because some airports are not going to be the most comfortable during the hottest months of the year. You won’t have to worry about damp socks when you buy these, so they’re a good purchase for many reasons.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Provides good compression
  • Practical for travel purposes and athletic purposes
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Moisture-wicking keeps socks from becoming damp due to sweat


  • Not as comfortable as some other premium options

3. Luxury Flight Socks for Travel

This is another pair of compression socks that are designed for both men and women. These are advertised as being a pair of luxury socks due to their overall comfortable fit. They do feel very good on your feet and don’t feel like they get in your way. You’ll be able to enjoy good benefits when making use of these socks, without having to worry about them feeling painful on your feet after several hours of wearing them.

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Many people make use of these socks to decrease the risk of deep vein thrombosis. They will keep you from having to worry so much about leg pain and problematic issues such as blood clots. If you regularly fly for long periods of time, then it is a good idea to consider buying a pair of these socks. They do work really well and they feel comfortable enough to make them practical to use.

You’ll be able to improve your overall circulation by using these socks. These socks are fantastic for helping to prevent swollen ankles. They’re also very good when it comes to keeping your feet from feeling fatigued. They’ll be a lot of help to you when you’re on a long trip. They’ll work well for long flights, bus rides, train rides, and more.

Luxury Flight Socks for Men & Women (Small) Long Flying Compression & Travel Anti-DVT Medical Knee High Energising Sock to aid Circulation, Swollen Legs & Aching Calves ideal for maternity & pregnancy Many pregnant women have also taken to using these socks. They’re really effective at reducing swelling and providing comfort for people with foot issues. The amount of ankle and arch support that you feel while wearing these socks is impressive. You should be very pleased with these if you decide to buy them.

Lastly, you’ll probably like the overall stylish and sleek look of these compression socks. They’re actually somewhat simple and they don’t come in many different colors. Even so, they have an elegance to them that makes them go perfectly with business or business casual attire. These compression socks are worth your consideration.


  • Great graduated compression
  • Very comfortable
  • Anti-DVT compression socks
  • Helps soothe swelling
  • Sleek and professional look


  • Some may prefer more style options

4. CHARMKING Compression Socks for Travel

Depending on what you’re wearing while traveling, you might not want to make use of long knee-high socks. These are not the preferred style for many individuals. If you’re going to be wearing shorts on a flight in the summer, you might feel rather silly wearing knee-high compression socks. Luckily, you’ll be able to enjoy these ankle compression socks that will look good when you’re wearing more casual attire.

[earnist ref=”charmking-compression-socks” id=”13143″]

These socks have been designed to improve circulation and prevent foot pain. Since they’re only going to go up to your ankles, they won’t be providing compression for your calves. If your worries about swelling and pain are limited to just your feet, then this should work out fine. You’ll be able to improve the blood flow to your feet and you’ll be feeling good even during a longer type of flight.

Many people make use of these compression socks for travel, but that isn’t all that they’re good for. Socks such as these are actually popular among athletes and those who like to go out hiking. You can wear these socks while you’re doing yoga or you can allow them to support your feet while you’re jogging. They’re very practical for multiple purposes.

CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men 15-20 mmHg is Best Graduated Athletic, Running, Flight, Travel, Nurses, Pregnant - Boost Performance, Blood Circulation & Recovery (Multi 01, S/M) You’ll find that these socks are good at preventing swelling in your feet. They’re very easy to put on and taking them off won’t be a problem either. In some ways, they’re easier to use than traditional knee-high compression socks. They might not be perfect for those who want to also have the calf compression, though.

The stylish nature of these socks is very nice and you’ll love the multiple colors that are available. There are a large number of different colors and color combinations available. The price of these socks is fairly low, too. You’ll be able to purchase these socks at a similar price to normal packs of socks that don’t have compression capabilities, so they’re a very good value.


  • More practical for people wearing shorts
  • Various color options
  • Prevents swelling in your feet
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Very cost effective


  • Many will prefer to have calf compression, too

5. aZengear Compression Socks for Travel

Finally, we have these compression socks from aZengear that are made for both men and women. These socks are available in multiple sizes and you can choose from a couple of different color combinations. Both combinations are black and then you can choose either blue or pink as the accentuating color. They look really good overall and are the traditional knee-high style compression socks that you know and love.

[earnist ref=”azengear-compression-socks” id=”13144″]

These socks really do compare favorably to the other options that have been on this list so far. They’re quite comfortable and they offer really good compression. You should be able to rely on these socks to keep you feeling good during a long flight. They’ll be practical for many other uses too, making them a good purchase for people who like to jog or those with DVT concerns.

Being able to protect yourself from swelling and cramping is so important. These socks do a great job of preventing leg swelling and they’ll boost your blood circulation. You won’t feel nearly as fatigued after a long day of travel when you make use of a pair of these socks. They work like they’re supposed to and they’re even double-stitched to last for a long time.

aZengear Compression Socks for Women & Men (20-30 mmHg) Best for Flight Travel, Running, Skiing, Athletics, Nurses, Shin Splints, Pregnancy & Improved Blood Circulation - Blue L/XL You’ll love the moisture-wicking properties of these socks, too. This will keep your feet from feeling too sweaty after a long day of walking around airports. This also keeps the socks from smelling bad, which is an added bonus. These socks have been designed to be as comfortable as possible by using cushions at the toes, heel, Achilles tendon, and the sole of your foot.

These socks offer a good overall compression experience for anyone who is in need. They’ll work great for travelers and will also be practical for many other people. If you want reliable socks that feel comfortable to wear, then these definitely fit the bill.


  • Very comfortable with extra padding in the right places
  • Provides great compression
  • Improves blood circulation and reduces swelling
  • Moisture wicking prevents socks from smelling bad
  • Double stitched to last a long time


  • These can be a little tough to get on and off for some people

Decision Time: Which of the Best Compression Socks for Travel are Best for You?

After seeing all of the available compression socks, you should have a good idea of which ones appeal to you. We recommend the [earnist_link ref=”wanderlust-air-travel-compression-socks” id=”13140″]Wanderlust travel compression socks[/earnist_link] as one of the best options to consider. If you’re on a budget, then you might want to think about going with the [earnist_link ref=”charmking-compression-socks” id=”13143″]CharmKing[/earnist_link] offering, as you’ll be getting multiple pairs of socks. Whatever choice you make should work out just fine, as all of the above options are very good.

Take your time to pick out the best compression socks for your traveling needs. Having access to good compression socks will make your next flight or bus trip a lot more manageable. You’ll be able to prevent swelling and everything will be just fine. As long as you’re prepared, even a long flight is going to be very manageable.

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