Can You Book VRBO Vacation Rentals with Chase Ultimate Rewards? A Definitive Guide

As someone who loves traveling and booking accommodations with reward points, I recently explored the possibility of using Chase Ultimate Rewards to book vacation rentals through VRBO. With many people opting for vacation rentals over hotel stays, it’s essential to know how to maximize reward points for these alternative lodgings.

I discovered that you can indeed use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book VRBO vacation rentals. The process is quite simple, as the Chase travel portal lets you redeem your points for vacation rentals by selecting the appropriate option. This means you can utilize your hard-earned points for more than just flights and hotels, ensuring you get the best value for your travel experiences.

What Are Chase Ultimate Rewards?

As a credit card user, I rely on reward programs to make the most of my spending. Chase Ultimate Rewards is one such program, offering valuable points that can be accumulated through everyday transactions and redeemed for travel, gift cards, cash back, and more. This flexible rewards program is compatible with a variety of Chase credit cards, including the popular Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Book VRBO with Chase Ultimate Rewards

What I particularly enjoy about Chase Ultimate Rewards is the ability to transfer these points to various travel partners, such as airlines and hotels, often at a 1:1 ratio. This means that I can optimize the value of my points by strategically utilizing them on flights or accommodation at preferred partners.

In addition to transfers, I can redeem my Chase Ultimate Rewards points directly through the Chase travel portal, where I can book flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation rentals. The value of the points may vary depending on the credit card I’m using, but generally, it provides a convenient way to use my rewards for booking travel experiences.

Overview of VRBO Vacation Rentals

As a traveler, I’ve found that vacation rentals can offer a unique and more personal experience than traditional hotels, and one platform that helps connect homeowners and travelers is VRBO, which stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner. With over 2 million bookable vacation rentals worldwide, VRBO provides a wide array of options such as beach houses, cabins, condos, and more.

In my experience, booking a vacation rental through VRBO is easy and straightforward. The website allows me to filter properties based on location, budget, and desired amenities, making it simple to find the perfect rental for my trip.

Using Chase Ultimate Rewards to book vacation rentals would certainly be a convenient way to leverage my credit card points. However, booking VRBO rentals directly with Chase Ultimate Rewards is not currently possible. Despite this limitation, there are still ways to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for vacation rentals, such as transferring points to partner programs or using the points as statement credit towards the rental cost.

Booking VRBO Vacation Rentals with Chase Ultimate Rewards

In my search for ways to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points for vacation rentals, I have discovered that, unlike Airbnb where you can use points to redeem gift cards, booking VRBO rentals with points isn’t as straightforward.

The Chase Travel Portal

When it comes to the Chase Travel Portal, I can use my Ultimate Rewards points to book a variety of travel options, including flights, hotels, and car rentals. However, I noticed that the portal does not offer VRBO rentals as a direct option for booking with points. This means that booking a VRBO property through the portal is currently not possible.

Using Points for Cash Back and VRBO Bookings

Despite the lack of a direct booking option, I’ve found a workaround that allows me to use my Chase Ultimate Rewards points for VRBO rentals. By redeeming my points for cash back, I can then use the cash to book a VRBO rental .

Here are the steps I would follow:

  1. Log into my Chase account and navigate to the Ultimate Rewards section.
  2. Select the ‘Cash Back’ option.
  3. Choose the amount of points I want to redeem for cash.
  4. Once I receive the cash back in my account, use it to book my desired VRBO rental.

Though this method allows me to use my points for VRBO bookings, keep in mind that the value of the points might be lower when used for cash back compared to other redemption options, such as booking flights or hotels directly through the portal.

Maximizing Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for VRBO

As a frequent traveler and Chase Ultimate Rewards points collector, I always try to make the most out of my points. One option I have found useful is booking VRBO vacation rentals with my Chase points. In this section, I will discuss how to maximize your points to get the most value out of your VRBO bookings.

Earning Bonus Points

One way to accumulate more Chase points is by earning bonus points through Chase’s shopping portal, where you can earn bonus points for making purchases at various online retailers. Additionally, strategic usage of my Chase credit card on specific spending categories can also help me earn more points.

Another effective method of earning bonus points is by referring friends and family members to sign up for Chase credit cards. By doing this, I can receive bonus points for each successful referral, which can add up quickly and help boost my account balance for future VRBO bookings.

Chase Credit Cards to Consider

As a Chase points enthusiast, I have found that some Chase credit cards are better suited for booking VRBO vacation rentals. One such card is the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which offers a strong rewards program and valuable travel benefits.

Another card to consider is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. This card also offers a good rewards program and comes with a lower annual fee compared to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, making it a more affordable option for some travelers.

Both of these cards allow me to redeem my Chase Ultimate Rewards points when booking vacation rentals through VRBO. By strategically using specific Chase credit cards, I can ensure that I am getting the most value out of my points when booking VRBO vacation rentals.

In conclusion, maximizing your Chase Ultimate Rewards points for booking VRBO vacation rentals can be achieved by earning bonus points, strategically using specific credit cards, and considering the cards that offer the best rewards programs for your travel needs. By following these simple steps, you can make the most of your Chase points and enjoy more memorable vacations with VRBO.

Comparing VRBO with Other Travel Platforms

As someone who loves to travel, I am always on the lookout for the best ways to book accommodations. I recently learned about booking VRBO vacation rentals with Chase Ultimate Rewards and decided to compare it with other travel platforms.

Airbnb and Chase Ultimate Rewards

When it comes to vacation rentals, Airbnb is one of the most popular platforms out there. While many people may be familiar with booking Airbnb stays using cash or credit, it’s important to know that you can also use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book Airbnb accommodations. Although Airbnb offers both entire properties and shared spaces, it’s worth mentioning that VRBO only allows you to rent entire, private homes.

Booking Airbnb stays with Chase Ultimate Rewards can be a great way to stretch your points even further. However, it’s critical to compare the value you’re getting with your points when booking Airbnb stays versus booking a VRBO rental or a hotel stay through the Chase travel portal.

Booking Hotels with Chase Ultimate Rewards

While vacation rentals can offer a unique and more personalized travel experience, I also enjoy the convenience and amenities that come with booking a hotel stay. Booking hotels with Chase Ultimate Rewards can be a great way to maximize the value of your points, especially since many hotel chains offer loyalty programs and perks for frequent stays.

One major advantage of booking hotels with Chase Ultimate Rewards is the ability to book stays at well-known hotel chains, such as Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton. The wide variety of hotel options available allows me to find the perfect accommodation based on my budget, preferred location, and personal preferences.

Remember, when comparing VRBO rentals with other travel platforms, it’s essential to consider the value and convenience offered by each platform while also taking into account your personal travel preferences and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As someone who frequently explores vacation rental options, I often get asked about using Chase Ultimate Rewards to book rentals through VRBO. Here are some common questions I’ve encountered:

Can I use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book a VRBO rental?

While Chase Ultimate Rewards points cannot be directly redeemed for VRBO stays, you can still redeem points for Airbnb gift cards and use those for your rental. This option may not offer the best value depending on your card, but it’s possible to do.

Do VRBO charges count as travel purchases on my Chase card?

Yes, VRBO charges now code as travel purchases with Chase credit cards, as confirmed by The Points Guy. This means you can earn bonus points such as 3 points per dollar on the Sapphire Reserve or 2 points per dollar on the Chase Sapphire Preferred in the travel bonus category.

What credit cards offer the best rewards for VRBO bookings?

Although I can’t provide an extensive list, some cards to consider for booking VRBO rentals are the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred, as they both offer bonus points for travel purchases, which now include VRBO rentals. For more suggestions, you can check out this CNBC article detailing the best cards for booking Airbnb and VRBO stays.

Can I book my entire vacation using Chase Ultimate Rewards?

It’s possible to book various components of your vacation, such as flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and activities, using Chase Ultimate Rewards points, as mentioned in this CNBC guide. However, be mindful that you cannot directly book VRBO rentals using the points, but you can use points for Airbnb gift cards as a workaround.


In my research, I found that you can indeed use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book vacation rentals, including VRBO, through the Chase travel portal. This option can be a great way to save money on your trips and get more value from your credit card rewards.

I discovered that when booking a rental through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, the process is similar to booking flights or hotels, where you can redeem your points for up to 1.5 cents each depending on your card. Some users have also reported seeing VRBO charges code as travel on their Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, earning them 3 points per dollar spent.

Utilizing your Chase Ultimate Rewards points for vacation rentals can provide a budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation option. Plus, you still have the opportunity to earn points on other travel-related purchases made through the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal, making your rewards go even further.

In summary, using Chase Ultimate Rewards to book VRBO vacation rentals is not only possible, but it can be a valuable way to maximize your credit card rewards and enjoy a memorable vacation with friends or family. Happy travels!

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