The 5 Best Walking Sandals for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Going on a trip is something that you should be very excited about. It’s great to be able to get out for a while and being able to experience some new sights will be a lot of fun. You can’t let your excitement overshadow the fact that you need to be properly prepared to go on the trip. That is why you should think about looking for certain things that you need, such as a pair of the best walking sandals for travel.

If you’re going to be walking around a lot while you’re on vacation, then it makes sense to buy a good pair of walking sandals. Ideally, sandals such as this will be able to keep your feet cool while you walk around. They’ll also be durable enough to stand up to all of the walking that you’re about to do. If you want to be comfortable while walking around, then it’s worthwhile to look into this.

Take a look at the top five best walking sandals for travel down below. These are all sandals that are good in their own right. Depending on your preferences, you might wind up liking one over the others. Regardless, it’s worthwhile to get all of the information so read to the end to find the best sandals for your needs.

1. MEGNYA Women’s Comfortable Flat Walking Sandals with Arch Support

Buying a high-quality pair of walking sandals is going to be truly beneficial for several reasons. One of the ways that this pair of sandals stand out is by offering you true handmade quality. These shoes have been crafted by hand and the upper section has been made using hand-woven nylon cord. A lot of care and attention is put into each and every pair of these sandals, meaning that their quality is quite hard to beat.

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You’ll also enjoy how easy it is to adjust the straps on these sandals. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect comfort levels for you. It’s not going to cause you to have to deal with floppy sandals or sandals that are too tight. When sandals are this simple to adjust, it makes the experience that much nicer.

Another positive reason to consider these sandals is that they’re very lightweight. You want to be able to feel light on your feet and these are easy to move around in. Their lightweight nature makes them perfect for walking around all day. The sandals will never make you more tired and it should help to keep you going for the long haul.

MEGNYA Women's Comfortable Flat Walking Sandals with Arch Support Waterproof for Walking/Hiking/Travel/Wedding/Water Spot/Beach. 19ZDME02-W17-5 Black Grey The soles on these sandals are very comfortable too. They make use of a midsole and a rubber outsole. The midsole is super soft and is even EVA-cushioned. You should feel as if you’re walking on air throughout your entire trip, making these sandals a highly recommended purchase.

As an added benefit, these are water-resistant. These should be just fine to wear to the beach or you could even take them kayaking if you wanted to. You won’t have to worry about ruining the shoes or getting them sopping wet. They put a lot of thought into the design of these sandals so give these your consideration.


  • They are very lightweight.
  • Hand-crafted design.
  • They have extremely comfortable soles.
  • Water-resistant to keep your feet dry.
  • There are several style options to choose from.


  • Durability is only decent.

2. CAMELSPORTS Women’s Walking Sandals

Here is another solid pair of walking sandals that will work perfectly for those who are going to be doing a lot of walking while on vacation. These sandals are made with an EVA-cushioned midsole just the same as the pair of sandals mentioned above. They’re made for comfort and should feel good on your feet. You’ll also feel as though you have more support when wearing these sandals due to the way that they’re designed.

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These are good for absorbing shock while you’re walking too so they make you feel less fatigued than you would when wearing a lesser pair of sandals. This should keep your feet from being sore and it even protects your knees from having problems. Combine this with the fact that these sandals are lightweight and you have a winning formula. These are flexible and your feet will always feel fine while wearing them.

You’ll wind up really enjoying the adjustable woven strap. The upper part is made out of Velcro and these straps are also equipped with a fastener. These are athletic sandals that are fitted with a two-hook and loop setup. It allows you to get a customized fit that will work well for your foot.

CAMELSPORTS Women's Comfortable Athletic Sandals Summer Water Shoes Velcro Strap Beach Sandals for Causal Travel Outdoor Sports Walking Black Size 7 Anyone who cares about keeping her feet cool while walking will love how breathable these sandals are as well. They have an open upper design that allows your feet to feel as cool as they would if you were barefoot. You’ll also be able to count on these as water-resistant sandals. They dry out very quickly and you can use them in most situations without having to worry.

Being able to make use of the non-slip design of these sandals really matters too. You’ll always feel as though you have a good grip on the ground. These use a double U-shaped pattern to give you extra grip. You’ll be as safe as possible while walking and this really protects you from little slips.


  • They are cushioned and comfortable to walk in.
  • Very lightweight.
  • They have an adjustable woven strap.
  • Breathable to help keep your feet dry.
  • They have a non-slip design.


  • They are not as fashionable as you might want them to be.

3. ECCO Women’s Yucatan Outdoor Offroad Hiking Sandal

If you have any plans to go hiking while you’re on vacation, then you might be especially interested in this pair of sandals. This is a very sporty pair of sandals that is rugged enough to work for many purposes. They are great for hikes but they’ll be good for walking just about anywhere. You can use these sandals for a long day at an amusement park or you can wear them while you’re hiking through a nature trail.

[earnist ref=”ecco-womens-yucatan-outdoor-offroad-hiking-sandal” id=”13201″]

Being able to wear a lightweight pair of sandals truly does make a difference when you’re walking all day long. These feel light on your feet and they help you to avoid fatigue. They’re also specially molded with an EVA footbed and a microfiber cover. This provides exceptional cushioning for your feet and makes you feel a greater sense of stability while walking.

You should also take note of the omni-directional rubber outsole. You’ll be using dual hook-and-loop closures when you buy this pair of sandals. It all works really well and your foot should feel nice and secure at all times while you’re wearing them. They don’t feel too tight and you’ll always have good support.

ECCO Women's Yucatan outdoor offroad hiking sandal, Black/Mole/Black, 8 M US The overall durability of these sandals is quite good as well. These are designed to go out on hikes and you’re meant to use them a lot. You shouldn’t be able to wear these out too quickly by conventional means. You can count on this pair of sandals to be useful for quite some time.

There are also a large number of different color options to consider. Different colors and color combinations are available to suit your own personal sense of style. You’ll be able to find the perfect match for your fashion sense without it being a big hassle. This is a good pair of sandals and it’s easy to recommend them as a part of this list.


  • They are very comfortable.
  • Provide great stability.
  • They are durable.
  • Many color choices are available.


  • The width of the sandals might not be perfect for those with wide feet.

4. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Now we finally have a sandal that is meant specifically for men. Some of the options above do have male variants as well so do keep that in mind. Regardless, this pair of sandals is incredibly popular for a reason. These are some of the most common sandals that men will purchase when going on a trip.

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They’re actually really convenient due to the fact that they have a washable polyester webbing. These should be able to last quite a while and you can clean them up when need be. You won’t have to be too concerned about ruining them if you’re taking them on a messy hike. They can get some mud and other stuff on them and then be washed up very easily.

Also, you’ll love the metatomical EVA footbed that they have used for these sandals. It feels amazingly comfortable and should make it easy to stay energized for longer periods of time. When your feet feel good, it is easier to keep on walking. You don’t have time to stop on vacation when you’re trying to see all of the sights. Your feet will stay in good shape due to the comfort of these sandals and your vacation will be a smashing success.

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal, Raven/Aluminum, 10.5 M US The platform of these sandals is about an inch and a half high. This feels right and it gives you the best amount of support for this style of sandal. The only issue that you might encounter is that these aren’t as breathable as some of the women’s models mentioned above. Even so, they will do a good enough job for most.

These sandals have been made using PFC-free materials so you can buy these without having to worry. The secure-fit lace capture system ensures that you’ll have great stability while walking too. This is a solid pair of sandals that should appeal to most men. They’re available in several colors as well.


  • They are made from PFC-free materials.
  • They use washable polyester webbing.
  • “Metatomical EVA” footbed built to fit your foot.
  • Several color options are available.


  • The stitching could use improvement.

5. ASIFN Hiking Sandals for Men

Finally, we have these ASIFN hiking sandals for men. These have really been made out of high-quality materials so it’s easy to see why people like this brand. The first layer of leather manages to be soft and comfortable while fitting closely to your skin. It also looks really nice so these are among the most fashionable sandals that men can buy for vacation.

[earnist ref=”asifn-hiking-sandals” id=”13204″]

The leather uppers work really well and you shouldn’t have any issues getting comfortable in these. In our experience, these fit very nicely. There is even an elastic band that will allow you to adjust the tightness. This is good for people with feet that fall somewhere between normal sizes as it will still be possible to get a good fit.

The rubber soles on these sandals have also been crafted with your safety in mind. They have a special anti-slip design that should allow you to maintain good traction. If you wind up having to walk around in the rain, you shouldn’t feel as if your sandals are going to cause you to fall down. You’ll feel nice and stable when walking around in a pair of these.

Hiking Sandals Men Walking Fishermen Leather Sports Fisherman Anti-Slip Water Open Strap Slides Traveling Comfortable (8.5-9 M US, Brown 1) The sewing is actually done quite nicely on these sandals too. They did a good job with the stitching and everything winds up looking and functioning great. These sandals are available in either yellow, brown, or black. They have a really neat world map design on them too that has an adventurous feeling to it.


  • They have a very nice design.
  • There are a few different color options.
  • They’re made with good stitching.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • An elastic strap to adjust the tightness.


  • These sandals may run a bit small.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Walking Sandals for Travel

Now that you’ve taken the time to examine the sandals above, you can pick out which one will work best for you. There are three options meant for women and two meant for men. Take your time to check them all out and you’ll be able to get a great pair of sandals for your upcoming trip. All of these are comfortable and will work out great for your needs.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll be ready to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Traveling without the right pair of sandals is never going to be a good idea. Pick out a solid pair that will keep your feet comfortable today. You’ll be happy that you did and you’ll enjoy your vacation even more.

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