The 5 Best Rolling Backpacks for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Traveling can be hectic when you aren’t properly prepared. If you’re going on vacation sometime soon, then it’s worthwhile to take the time to find the right luggage that you need. Depending on how much stuff you want to take on your trip, you might need to look for a specific solution. Those who are just looking for a convenient carry-on bag might be interested in rolling backpacks.

Rolling backpacks have become very popular and you’ve probably seen some at the airport before if you travel often. They’re really useful and they make it that much simpler to get through the airport without straining yourself. It allows you to pack some important things and you’ll be able to roll it behind you if you get tired of wearing it like a normal backpack. It’s basically a combination of a backpack and a rolling suitcase.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at several products to help you find the best rolling backpack for travel. These are the top five rolling backpacks for travel that you should be considering. They’re all very good, but you should be able to find the best one that is going to work for your purposes. Take the time to read everything so that you can make a truly informed decision.

1. MATEIN Rolling Backpack

The first backpack that we’re going to be taking a look at is this MATEIN rolling backpack. This is an ideal option to consider, due to how much it’s capable of holding while still being the right size to use as a carry-on. You’re going to be able to fit a lot inside of this backpack. It’s even designed to fit laptops that are less than 15.6” inside of a separate laptop sleeve.

[earnist ref=”rolling-backpack-matein-waterproof-travel-wheeled-laptop-backpack” id=”13370″]

Having a fully-padded laptop sleeve isn’t the only reason to consider purchasing this rolling backpack, though. The main compartment is also roomy enough to hold lots of clothes and other essentials. There’s even an organizer compartment that features many pockets. This helps you to organize stuff inside of the backpack and things are going to be much easier to find.

There are also mesh pockets on the sides of the bag that’ll be perfect for holding water bottles. You’ll like the back velcro pocket that is meant to hold towels, too. Carrying this backpack is simple and it’s designed to feel natural when being worn. The straps are completely adjustable and they’re also made to be breathable.

Rolling Backpack, Matein Waterproof Travel Wheeled Laptop Backpack for Women Men, Carryon Trolley Luggage Suitcase Compact Business Bag College School Computer Bag fit 15.6 Inch Notebook,Black When you decide to start rolling this backpack behind you, you’ll be able to expect a very smooth experience. The telescoping handle can be adjusted for your convenience. You’ll be able to change the length as necessary to find the ideal height for you. The handle is 22-inches long and it works well for steering the backpack.

The wheels roll smoothly too, so getting through the airport won’t be an issue. Other important features to consider include the water-resistant bottom panel corner guards and the overall durability of the bag. This bag has been designed to last for a long time. It’ll be just fine in an overhead compartment on the airplane and you should be able to use this for many years.


  • Very durable
  • Nice telescoping handle
  • Has a laptop sleeve
  • Spacious main compartment with pockets
  • Rolls smoothly


  • The whole bag isn’t water resistant

2. TiTa-Dong Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Here is another solid rolling backpack for you to consider. This is also a good one to buy when you need to travel with a laptop computer. This one is actually capable of holding a 17” laptop, if you have one that large. It’s going to be a convenient backpack to own for anyone who travels with a laptop for their job.

[earnist ref=”rolling-backpack-luggage-tita-dong-18-inch-wheeled-backpack-travel-laptop-laptop-six-wheels” id=”13372″]

Overall, the capacity of this rolling backpack is quite impressive. You’re going to be able to fit a lot in the main compartment and there are also several pockets for you to make use of. This should make it easy to keep your smaller items organized as you see fit. There are even mesh pockets for you to make use of and the backpack has a key fob hook.

This backpack is durable too, so it’s going to be able to stand up to regular use. You can use this for travel purposes for a long time without having to worry about it becoming damaged. They used high-quality materials to create this bag and it’s even waterproof. This means that your laptop will be safe inside of the backpack, if you need to walk through the rain.

Rolling Backpack Luggage , TiTa-Dong 18 Inch Wheeled Backpack Travel Laptop Laptop Six Wheels Unisex Trolley School Bags Jansport for Boys Girls Kids Teenagers Students,Black The trolley part of this backpack is quite durable as well. This has been crafted using aluminum alloy and you’ll be able to use it very easily. The wheels aren’t too bad so you shouldn’t have problems rolling it around when you’re carrying a heavy load. It’s a versatile backpack that will come in handy in many situations.

When you’re carrying this in backpack mode, you’ll love how comfortable it feels. The back of this backpack has been made to dissipate heat. This keeps you from getting too hot and sweaty on those sweltering summer days. The shoulder straps feel nice and you’ll just have an easy time using this backpack.


  • Easy to carry
  • Dissipates heat
  • Has a large laptop sleeve
  • Holds a lot of stuff
  • Durable and waterproof


  • The wheels are so-so

3. Time Traveler Wheeled Black Backpack

Our next rolling backpack comes to us from a company called Time Traveler. This backpack can’t take you back in time, but it’s going to work well enough to give you a positive experience at the airport. This is a multi-function backpack that is designed to work great as both a rolling backpack and a laptop backpack. You’ll be able to use this backpack to pack your most important items for your trip without having any issues.

[earnist ref=”wheeled-black-backpack-travel-nylon-rolling-backpack-carry-on-luggage” id=”13373″]

It should be noted right away that this backpack has a large separate compartment for your laptop. This compartment is shockproof and it has been designed to fit laptops that are up to 15” in size. The design of the laptop compartment is truly top notch and it’s going to keep your computer safe. If you’re reliant on your computer for work, then this is a great backpack to own for peace of mind.

The backpack can fit a lot more than just a laptop. You’re also going to have access to multiple pockets that can be used to store things. With so many built-in pockets, you won’t have a hard time finding a spot for your wallet, keys, smartphone, passport, or any other important items. It’s very simple to keep your belongings organized inside of this backpack.

Wheeled Black Backpack, Travel Nylon Rolling Backpack, Carry-on Luggage Wearing or carrying the backpack feels fantastic as well. You’re going to notice just how breathable this backpack is when you start making use of it. It has airflow shoulders that help to keep you from becoming overheated. This bag is easy to carry around the airport, so it’s definitely a recommended option.

Using this backpack in trolley mode is great, due to the high-quality aluminum hideaway telescoping handle. You’ll be able to adjust things to your liking so that you can find a comfortable position. It rolls well and you’re going to find it convenient to use this when you just don’t feel like carrying the backpack any longer. It’s durable enough to last and easy enough to use whenever you’re going on a trip.


  • Easy to carry
  • Breathable airflow shoulders
  • Protects your laptop with a shockproof sleeve
  • Lots of pockets
  • High-quality telescoping handle


  • The wheels aren’t as durable as the handle

4. Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

The Samsonite brand is famous for making high-quality products so you shouldn’t be surprised to see one of their backpacks on this list. This backpack here is a good option, due to its amazing durability. This is among the most durable wheeled backpacks on this list. It’s going to be useful for many years and it should stay looking great.

[earnist ref=”samsonite-wheeled-backpack” id=”13374″]

It was made using a durable type of fabric that is very hard to rip. They refer to this as “rip-stop” fabric and it really does work quite nicely. You won’t have to be concerned about whether this backpack can withstand a bit of punishment. Even if the bag gets rattled around a lot in the overhead compartment, it’s going to be fine, due to its durable nature.

Of course, you’re also going to be able to fit all of the essentials inside of this backpack. It has been made to fit laptops that are up to 17” in size. The backpack has a separate laptop bag compartment for you to make use of, too. It’s a great option for people who want to protect their investment in an expensive laptop.

Samsonite Wheeled Backpack (21 x 8 x 14), Black/Charcoal The backpack also has a large number of different organizational pockets. You’re going to be able to use these pockets to fit lots of different things. You can place chargers in there, small electronic devices, or anything else that you might need to take with you during your travels. It’s convenient to pack this bag and you won’t have trouble using it to its full potential.

You’ll also find that the wheels of this backpack are among the best out there. This backpack uses in-line skate wheels that roll very smoothly. The icepick-style pull handle is also easy to make use of when it comes to steering the bag. You’ll definitely be able to get through the airport with ease when you own this backpack.


  • Great in-line skate wheels
  • Fits laptops up to 17”
  • Many organizational pockets
  • Made from incredibly durable “rip-stop” fabric


  • The handle design isn’t as nice as the wheels

5. HollyHOME 19 Inches Waterproof Wheeled Rolling Backpack

Lastly, we’re going to take a look at this wheeled rolling backpack from HollyHOME. One reason to consider picking this up over some of the other options is that it’s really lightweight. If you like your travel backpacks to be light and easy to carry, then this one is going to appeal to you. It weighs in at only 4.8 pounds and is significantly lighter than many of the leading rolling backpacks on the market.

[earnist ref=”hollyhome-19-inches-waterproof-wheeled-rolling-backpack-for-men-and-women-business-laptop-travel-bag-upgrade-black” id=”13375″]

You’re also going to really like how many pockets this thing has. There are a large number of pockets for you to make use of. This is going to make organizing all of your stuff a lot simpler. You can fit small items while still having plenty of space in the main compartment to fit clothing and other items.

You can fit your laptop in this bag, too. This bag is designed to hold laptops that are up to 14” in size. This is kind of small for a laptop, so you may or may not be able to make use of it for yours. It isn’t the biggest bag in the world, but you can fit a good bit of stuff if you pack smart.

HollyHOME 19 inches Waterproof Wheeled Rolling Backpack for Men and Women Business Laptop Travel Bag, Upgrade Black They used a durable 400D waterproof nylon fabric to create the backpack. Its waterproof nature means that you can feel safe while carrying the bag in the rain. It’s durable enough to stand up to being thrown around a bit, too. This type of nylon is actually even easy to clean by hand, so you’ll be able to keep the bag looking nice even if it gets stained somehow.

The wheels on this backpack are super convenient to use. It makes use of unidirectional wheel design. When the wheels aren’t in use, you can even cover them with the back cushion to prevent them from getting dirty. The handle is made from rust-resistant aluminum alloy too, so it’s going to work nicely for quite some time.


  • Great unidirectional wheel design
  • Several pockets
  • Fits up to a 14” laptop
  • Waterproof and durable


  • The handle might feel too short for some people

Decision Time: Which Rolling Backpack is Best for Your Travel?

Looking at the various rolling backpack options should give you a much better idea of what is out there. You’re going to be able to choose one of these backpacks to make your next travel experience much easier. We’d recommend considering the [earnist_link ref=”rolling-backpack-matein-waterproof-travel-wheeled-laptop-backpack” id=”13370″]MATEIN rolling backpack[/earnist_link], due to its capacity and durability. The other four options are also amazing in their own ways, so don’t hesitate to choose whichever one appeals to you the most.

The next time you’re going to the airport is going to be a lot less of a hassle. Being able to roll your backpack behind you can save you from back pain when you’re starting to feel fatigued. It’ll allow you to get to your next gate easier and you’ll just have a better time. Go out and purchase what you need today so that you can start your vacation off on a good note.

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