The 5 Best Purses for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Having the right type of purse while you’re traveling can actually make things a whole lot easier. Some women like to pick out purses based on pure aesthetic appeal. Others are all about finding purses that will be able to carry a lot of stuff. When it comes to traveling, it’s going to be best to find a purse that will be easy to carry around while still being a useful carry-on or personal item.

Today we’re going to be looking at several different purse options. Finding the best purse for travel is going to be all about looking at what features the purses offer. Many of these purses are going to be made with different philosophies in mind. They’re all great purses in their own right but one of them is going to be the optimal option for you.

The Best Purses for Travel

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the top five best purses for travel. You’ll be able to get all of the information that you could want in order to make an informed purchasing decision. Buying a new purse for an upcoming trip isn’t a bad idea at all. You can be as prepared as possible after you read through all of the information below.

best purses for travel

1. JOSEKO Crossbody Bag for Women

While this option does resemble a messenger bag more than a purse, it’s absolutely one of the best items that you can consider. This crossbody bag is going to be very useful for travel purposes. It has many different compartments to help hold all of your stuff. This is actually going to be a great bag for keeping things organized while you’re traveling.

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The bag has a zipper closure and then there are two front zipper pockets where you can place all of your frequently used items. There are going to be six inner pockets to make use of as well as two main zipper pockets. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to figuring out where to place your belongings. You’ll be able to keep things tidy in your purse and you won’t feel as if you’re lacking for space.

The strap on this purse is adjustable as well. This allows you to lengthen it in case you’d like to change the way that you’re carrying it. In many ways, this is much more versatile than a traditional purse. It functions the same but it adds features to the mix that you’ll really find useful.

Crossbody Bag for Women, JOSEKO Multi-Pocketed Nylon Shoulder Bag Purse Travel Passport Bag Messenger Bag Black 7.87''(L) x 2.76''(W) x 10.24''(H) A purse such as this even stands out when it comes to durability. This has been made using water-resistant nylon and it’ll certainly keep your belongings safe. It has a polyester lining inside too. This is spacious enough to hold all of your important items that you’d typically keep in your purse and it’ll even have room for a tablet computer.

There are even several style and color options to choose from when purchasing this bag. It comes in black, blue, dark purple, grey, and rose. All of the colors look really nice overall and you should be pleased with whichever one you choose. This is a worthwhile purse for travel situations and one that you’ll likely fall in love with.


  • It is very spacious.
  • Has many zipper compartments.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • Has an adjustable strap.


  • It might resemble a messenger bag too much for some.

2. PINCNEL Backpack Purse

This option here is a purse that is somewhat close to being a backpack in terms of size. You can actually carry this as you would a normal purse or you can use it as a backpack, making it a very versatile item to own. When you’re traveling, it’s nice to have different options. Being able to change up how you’re carrying your purse is a good idea so this bag already has a certain charm to it right out of the gate.

[earnist ref=”pincnel-womens-backpack-purse” id=”13189″]

You’ll also love the fact that this has been designed to help prevent theft. The anti-theft design of this purse makes use of a special back zipper. This keeps your belongings safe and allows you to feel a little bit safer while you’re traveling. You’ll also like that the purse is made out of a soft but durable blend of PU leather and nylon fabric materials.

The purse also has plenty of pockets for you to make use of. There are two exterior anterior zipper pockets, two exterior side pockets, one main pocket, two interior pockets, and an interior back zipper pocket. The main pocket is even large enough to fit a tablet computer or a small laptop that is 10” or under. You’ll be able to fit a lot of stuff in this purse, making it ideal for travel situations.

Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft Rucksack Lightweight Shoulder Bag (Khaki) As you’d expect, this purse comes in several colors. There aren’t that many colors that truly stand out or pop, though. You’ll be able to choose from standard colors such as khaki, blue, grey, and black. Some more vibrant colors would have been nice but what’s there does look pretty good.

There are also large variants of this purse that are a bit more spacious. You should buy the large version if you’d like to fit the most stuff possible in your purse. It should be lightweight enough and easy to carry around either way. The fact that it has a backpack mode makes it more practical when you pack your purse pretty full.


  • It offers an anti-theft design.
  • A durable purse.
  • It has a backpack mode.
  • Has tons of pockets.


  • More color options would be nice.

3. VOLGANIK ROCK Crossbody Bag/Travel Purse

This is a great travel purse for anyone who really likes carrying around big, roomy purses. It also isn’t lacking in the fashion department. This is a really great purse, aesthetically speaking. It has a nice overall design that manages to look great without sacrificing functionality.

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There are several color options for you to choose from when buying this purse. You’ll be able to pick colors such as red, purple, black, coffee, army green, hot pink, lake blue, gray and more. There are even some pattern options and you can buy versions of the purse that feature unicorns or flamingos. This is definitely appealing to anyone who cares about style.

You’ll also be able to utilize this bag in order to keep all of your stuff safe. There are plenty of compartments for you to make use of. It has one main zipper compartment, three compartments in the front, one compartment in the back, two beside pockets, two interior phone slots, and one inside zip pocket. There is also a larger version of this purse that you can purchase that has a bit more room overall.

Crossbody Bags for Women, Multi Pocket Shoulder Bag Waterproof Nylon Travel Purses and Handbags Despite being such a roomy purse, it still manages to be very lightweight. The lightweight nature of this purse makes it easy to carry this around an airport. You won’t feel as if the weight of your purse is preventing you from walking fast to get to your next gate. The purse is also very sturdy too so it’ll be able to get bumped around a bit without giving you any problems.

The shoulder strap of the purse is wide and thick too. This is nice as it makes it feel easy to carry this around without having the purse slip off of your shoulder. One side of the strap is made out of nylon and the other is made out of cotton. It feels very comfortable overall and is an easy recommendation.


  • It has a wide, comfortable shoulder strap.
  • It’s a spacious purse.
  • Has many compartments.
  • It is very fashionable.
  • Very sturdy.


  • The front pockets are a bit small.

4. Satchelli Crossbody Bag with RFID Blocking Anti-theft Wristlet Travel Purse

Many people like to buy travel purses that are as safe to use as possible. One of the concerns about traveling is that you might wind up encountering dangerous situations. No one wants to have his or her belongings stolen so it’s best to be as safe as you can be by choosing a good purse. This one offers you some solid anti-theft measures to keep you safe.

[earnist ref=”satchelli-crossbody-bag” id=”13191″]

The purse comes with a removable wristlet that gives you access to anti-theft RFID-blocking technology. This is great as it keeps you safe from thieves who would try to remotely access data from your passport or from the RFID chip-enabled credit cards in your wallet. You should be able to feel a bit more at ease when you have access to this type of anti-theft technology. It’s easy to make use of it and it’s definitely an added bonus.

You’ll like the purse for standard reasons as well. This purse has two interior and four exterior zipper pockets. This should be a good number of pockets that will help to keep your stuff organized properly. The pockets are easy to access and you should be able to fit the necessary items that you’ll need while traveling.

Satchelli Crossbody Bag with RFID Blocking Anti Theft Wristlet, Black Cross Body Travel Purse for Women It’s also worth noting that this purse comes with a luggage handle sleeve for your convenience. This can make it easy to roll things around behind you with your rolling suitcase if need be. The strap on this purse is actually very comfortable, though, so simply carrying it around will always feel just fine. You’ll be able to rely on this strap too since it is designed to be very sturdy.

The strap can be worn across your body or you can sling it over one shoulder as you would a traditional purse. Having the versatility to be able to do both is nice. This purse is lightweight and durable at the same time. The premium metal zippers will stand the test of time and it’s going to be easy to see why this is one of the premier travel purse options on the market.


  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • Has a comfortable, sturdy strap.
  • Comes with an anti-theft RFID-blocking wristlet.
  • It can be attached to a rolling suitcase.


  • Some zipper pockets are a bit small.

5. Travelon Women’s Anti-theft Heritage Small Crossbody Bag Travel Purse

This is another travel purse that is more of a crossbody bag but it’s still going to function the same. You’ll be able to enjoy some really good anti-theft features when making use of this bag. There is a main compartment that is capable of locking. This is really good when you want to be able to keep your stuff safe and it goes a long way toward protecting you from pickpockets.

[earnist ref=”travelon-womens-anti-theft-heritage-small-crossbody-cross-body-bag” id=”13192″]

Also, you’ll have access to an RFID-blocking pocket inside of this locked compartment. This keeps people from remotely stealing data from your chip-enabled credit cards, driver’s license, or passport. There are other pockets for you to make use of as well. You’ll have two open-top wall pockets, a front zip pocket, and a rear slash pocket with a snap closure.

Another anti-theft measure that you might not think of is the fact that this purse is slash-resistant. The strap of this purse is going to be very difficult to cut, making it harder for would-be thieves to run by and steal your purse. The strap can also be adjusted and you can secure it to an object if you’d like to. This means that you could secure the strap to your rolling suitcase if you wanted to tote it around that way for a while.

Travelon Women's Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody Cross Body Bag, Pewter, One Size - 33226 540 This purse is made out of a cotton, canvas, and suede blend. It actually looks really nice and should wind up pleasing just about anyone who decides to buy it. It comes in a few different color variants as well. You can choose from indigo, Bordeaux, pewter, and sage.

It’s very easy to recommend a bag such as this for travel purposes. It has a nice polyester lining and the anti-theft features really make it worthwhile. If you need a bag that will give you increased peace of mind, then this one should work out great. It isn’t as spacious as some of the other options but it’s a safe travel purse.


  • It offers great anti-theft features.
  • It’s slash-resistant.
  • Looks really nice overall.


  • It is not all that spacious.

Decision Time: Which is the Best Travel Purse for You?

Choosing the right travel purse is definitely going to give you a better overall experience. If you’re looking for something to keep your stuff safe, then the [earnist_link ref=”travelon-womens-anti-theft-heritage-small-crossbody-cross-body-bag” id=”13192″]Travelon Purse[/earnist_link] is definitely among the best options out there. If you need more room to carry stuff, then an option such as the [earnist_link ref=”joseko-crossbody-bag-for-women” id=”13188″]JOSEKO purse[/earnist_link] might work out better. Either way, you’ll be getting a good purse for travel purposes.

Take your time to decide between the five options above. Each of these picks has its own positive qualities to consider. Just make sure to buy a good purse before your next trip. It really will make things that much easier.

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