Chase Ink Preferred 100k Offer is Now 80k | But it Remains the Best Offer

You may have heard about the Chase Ink Preferred 100k offer that took place in 2018. It was a short-lived offer to receive extra Ultimate Rewards points as a signup bonus for the Chase Ink Preferred credit card. When this offer was live, it wasn’t even a public offer. You had to go into a Chase branch and hopefully have a branch manager allow you to get the offer. According to Chases information you also had to have a business with revenue over a million dollars. The bad news is there is no offer for a Chase Ink Preferred 100k signup bonus anymore.

The good news is the Chase Ink Preferred is still offering the best signup bonus in the credit card industry. The Chase Ink Preferred offers a signup bonus of 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points! That’s enough points to get more than $1,600 of travel value if they’re redeemed efficiently. At Travel Freedom, we see it as the best credit card offer available right now.

Ink Business Preferred

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You'll earn 100,000 points after spending $15000 in the first 3 months.
You'll earn 3X points on travel and select business expenses (including online social media ads).
*Limited to first $150k per year.
Points are worth 25% more when used in the Chase travel portal.
No foreign transaction fees.
Employee cards at no additional cost.
No foreign transaction fees.
The signup bonus alone for this card is amazing. Pair that with some great rewards earning for your business and this card is great. If you have a business, we find the Ink Preferred to be the best offer available.
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As mentioned, we believe that the signup bonus for the Chase Ink Preferred card is the best in the business. The official value given by Chase is $1000, but that is the minimum redemption value. The points from the 80k Ultimate Rewards signup bonus can simply be worth at least double that ($1,600) by redeeming with Chase Ultimate Rewards travel partners.

More of our thoughts about the Chase Ink Preferred 100k 80k Offer:

chase ink preferred 100k

The 80k signup bonus is the best of any credit card in the market. Chase is giving away a ton of value for a credit card with only a $95 annual fee. The benefits of this card are great. The signup bonus alone for this card got us 3 round-trip flights to Hawaii. The spending category bonuses earn extra Ultimate Rewards for our online businesses. The Chase Ink Preferred is a must have credit card if you’re looking to earn Ultimate Rewards. It makes for a perfect credit card combination with a few of the other Ultimate Rewards cards, as you can combine your point balances between card accounts.

Learn more about the Chase Ink Business Preferred 100k 80k offer and find out how to apply [earnist_link ref=”ink-business-preferred-credit-card” id=”6240″]HERE[/earnist_link].

Redeeming Your Ultimate Rewards for More Value

As mentioned above, you can redeem the Ultimate Rewards that you’ll earn with the Chase Ink Preferred 100k 80k for more value than Chase advertises. There are 13 Ultimate Rewards travel partners consisting of airlines and hotels. You can transfer your points to any of these programs at a 1:1 ratio. We often transfer our points to Southwest Airlines, British Airways, and Hyatt hotels to earn redemptions well above 2 cents per point.

Ultimate Rewards Airline Transfer Partners

Ultimate Rewards Hotel Transfer Partners

chase ink preferred 100k offer

Earn Bonus Points on your Business Spending

This card offers more than just the Chase Ink Preferred 100k 80k signup bonus. It has some great spending bonuses for certain business categories. You’ll earn 3X points on all spending in the following categories. I’m sure you spend money on at least a few of these categories regularly.

  • Travel: The travel bonus counts for flights, trains, taxi’s, other transportation, hotels, and much more.
  • Shipping: Do you ship packages for your business? This is one of the only credit cards that earn a bonus on shipping expenses.
  • Internet, Phone, & Cable: Does your business use a phone and the internet. I’m pretty sure every business does.
  • Online Advertising (search engines & social media): Think Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest

I’d bet you spend money on some of these categories. They’re a great way to earn some extra Ultimate Rewards without really doing anything. By earning 3X points on these purchases and then redeeming Ultimate Rewards at a value of 2 cents each, you’re essentially earning 6% back on those purchases. 6% value back on a credit card is unheard of!

Don’t Forget About the Chase 5/24 Rule

Chase has an unwritten rule, known as the “Chase 5/24 Rule”, that only allows you to be approved for a Chase-branded credit card if you have less than five new credit cards opened within the last 24 months. The five credit cards opened don’t just include Chase credit cards, it includes nearly all credit cards. Small business credit cards don’t count toward the five card limit, but the Chase 5/24 rule does come into effect when applying for a business card.

Chase 5/24 Rule FAQ’s

Can I apply for 2 Chase credit cards on the same day when I’m 4/24 and get approved for both?

  • Data suggests you can, however, we recommend not pushing the line and only apply for one Chase card at a time. People have reported having their account shut down for applying for too much credit.

Can I apply the day my 5/24 limit drops off?

  • Preferably wait until the first day of the next month to apply.

I’m over the 5/24 rule limit, can I be approved for a card from another bank?

  • Yes. Approvals for credit cards from other banks besides Chase are not impacted by your 5/24 score. Each bank has their own set of rules for approval.

Do Chase business cards count toward my 5/24 score?

  • No. Being approved for a Chase business card will not add to your 5/24 limit. However, to get approved for a Chase business card you must be below the 5/24 limit.

Chase Ink Preferred 100k signup bonus

The Chase Ink Preferred 100k 80k Bonus is Still the Best Offer

While the Chase Ink Preferred 100k signup bonus was short-lived and never even a public offer, 80k points is still an amazing signup bonus. It’s the best regular introductory offer we’ve seen for a credit card since we started earning points back in 2012. It’s such a great offer because of the number of points you receive and the high value of those points. Ultimate Rewards are the most valuable points of any rewards program.

If you’re able to, get on this offer while it lasts. The [earnist_link ref=”ink-business-preferred-credit-card” id=”6240″]Chase ink Preferred[/earnist_link] 100k 80k offer is the best in the business and the best we’ve ever seen for a regular signup bonus.

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