The 5 Best Money Belts for Travel: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Being able to stay safe while you’re traveling is extremely important. It’s best to take all of the necessary safety precautions so that you can have a good time while you’re on your trip. If you aren’t prepared, then you may wind up encountering a situation where you might be mugged. Many people try their best to avoid having all of their money stolen in this situation by investing in money belts for travel.

Having one of the best money belts for travel is going to make it easier for you to keep your money and credit cards safe while you’re traveling. This allows you to conceal your money so that it’ll be away from the eyes of anyone who is thinking of trying to steal from you. Simply buying a good money belt is often enough to safeguard yourself from being far away from home without having any access to money. There are many different money belts on the market for you to choose from, too.

Today we’re going to take a look at the five best money belts for travel. This is going to give you a better idea of what you should be purchasing. All of the options being shown are worthwhile, but you should dig into the details to see which one is right for you. After learning everything that you need to know, you’ll be able to go out and buy the best money belt and you can feel much safer during your big trip.

The Best Money Belts for Travel

  1. Yoder Leather Company Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt

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We’re going to start things off with something that is a bit different from the traditional money belt options that we’ll be showcasing later. This is a really nice looking leather belt that you’d think was simply a normal belt that people wear every single day. The difference is that this belt has a hidden pocket that is meant to store your money. This keeps your money from getting stolen and is very discreet.

This leather belt has been made in the USA and is very stylish overall. As mentioned above, this is a typical leather belt that you’d see someone wearing on any day of the week. It doesn’t come across as being a money belt and this makes it even more useful. It has been made out of USA tanned English bridle leather and is going to fit right in with your clothing.

Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather Belt (Size 42, Brown) This belt is even available in a large number of different sizes. You’ll be able to buy this belt in sizes from 34” all the way up to 56”.  This makes it a practical option for big and tall men who want to be able to protect their money while on a trip. The belt itself fits very nicely when you buy your usual belt size and it feels perfectly normal while you’re wearing it.

You’ll also want to know that this belt has Chicago screws. This means that you’ll be able to change out the belt buckle if you would like to do so. This is great news for people who like to have nice belt buckles or those who just enjoy changing things up from time to time. Changing out your belt buckle will be a simple process and you’ll never have to feel like it’s an annoyance.

When it comes to protecting your money, this belt does an admirable job. It can fit up to 24 bills that have been folded the narrow way. This is quite a bit of money and it can help to keep you safe in a mugging situation. Having some of your money hidden is a smart idea, so this belt is very practical overall.


  • Looks like a normal leather belt
  • Many size options
  • Fits up to 24 bills folded the narrow way
  • You can change the belt buckle
  • Very discreet


  1. Alpha Keeper RFID Money Belt for Travel

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This is going to be a lot more similar to what you’d expect when purchasing a traditional money belt for travel. This money belt has enough space to help protect your money, IDs, credit cards, and more. It’s also made with RFID blocking technology to keep your identity from being stolen. This money belt uses 360-degree RFID blocking technology, making it among the safest options on the market.

It’s also worth noting that this is a very cost-effective product. You’ll be getting the money belt as advertised and will also be receiving seven RFID blocking sleeves to keep yourself safe. This is very convenient and it’s going to be enough to protect all of your credit cards. You should have an easy time making use of them due to the friendly design of the belt, too.

RFID Money Belt For Travel With RFID Blocking Sleeves Set For Daily Use [2019 NEW MODEL] You’ll also love the fact that this money belt stores a lot of stuff. Unlike the leather belt mentioned above, this is going to give you space to tuck other items away. You’ll be able to store your passport, your cell phone, your keys, and other important documents in this money belt if you need to. It’s a great way to keep multiple things safe at once.

Despite having quite a bit of room, this is also going to be very practical to wear. It should fit around the waist of most individuals. It can stretch from 25” all the way up to 55” at a max stretch. This makes it an option that will work for many big and tall men while also being practical for women.

You shouldn’t have any problems concealing this money belt underneath your clothes either. This should fit nicely under a shirt or sweater. It’ll always be easy for you to access your money and other items in the money belt. At the same time, you’ll be able to feel safer due to keeping your money out of sight while you’re traveling.


  • 360-degree RFID blocking technology
  • Very cost effective
  • Holds a lot of stuff
  • Fits waists from 25” all the way up to 55”
  • Very easy to wear


  • Some people will want an even more discreet belt
  1. Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt

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This is an option that is really going to appeal to runners, as well as regular travelers. The Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt has been designed to be as convenient to use as possible. It can hold many things and feels very natural to wear even while you’re performing a physical task such as running. You’ll find it easy to secure your cash, IDs, and credit cards in this travel money belt.

It features four secure pockets that are made to be quite wide. The concealed zipper pocket design prevents would-be thieves from being able to tell what you have in the belt. It’s also very easy to conceal, so most people will never know that you’re wearing it. All of the pockets load from the top and there is a fold over locking flap to secure things in place.

Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt, Running Belt, Fanny and Waist Pack, 4 Large Security Pockets and Zipper, Fits Phones Passport and More, Extra Wide Spandex, USA Made This travel belt is going to be able to fit a lot of stuff for your convenience. You’ll be able to put your phone inside the belt, as well as your passport, keys, glasses, and more. This could even potentially fit an insulin pump holder while still managing to be discreet, making it a great option for just about anyone. You wear it like a fanny pack and it stretches to fit your waist.

You shouldn’t have any problem wearing this belt underneath your clothing. It’d be easy to fit under normal street clothes and will also fit nicely underneath tight exercise clothing. This is double the width of many travel belts, but it still feels good to wear. It even has quality features such as moisture wicking, driving home the point that it’s great for both workouts and travel.

The only downside to this belt is that it isn’t going to be a good fit for everyone. This is a unisex belt, but it only goes up so far in terms of size. The extra large size money belt is going to fit up to a 40” waist. This is going to be just fine for many people, but those with larger waists will likely want to turn elsewhere.


  • Great for working out and travel
  • Feels comfortable to wear
  • Concealed zipper pocket
  • Fits a lot of stuff
  • Very practical


  • Size options won’t work for everyone
  1. AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

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This is another RFID blocking travel wallet that is worth taking a look at. One of the best aspects of this wallet is just how cost effective it is. This is among the least expensive travel belts on this list and it’s still going to offer you a very good experience. The RFID blocking technology works very well and helps to keep all of your RFID chip credit cards and IDs from being illegally scanned.

You’ll love the fact that this travel belt is very easy to conceal. All of the belts on this list are concealable, but this one is especially easy to wear underneath your clothes. It isn’t incredibly thick and this keeps it from standing out while you’re wearing it. Despite being super slim, it can still fit quite a lot of stuff.

AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet - Money Belt & Passport Holder for Women Men - Black This money belt has two zippered compartments and three individual pockets. These are going to be perfect for storing all of your important belongings. Of course, this makes it easy to store money, credit cards, and your passport. You’ll also be able to store your smartphone and other valuables fairly easy when using this belt.

The overall quality of this belt is hard to deny. It has been made out of durable and lightweight nylon. This travel money belt is water resistant, odor resistant, and is also very breathable. It feels comfortable to wear and it won’t start to smell due to being exposed to sweat. You’ll also love how this belt stands the test of time, so you’ll be able to use it for many years.

This is also machine washable for your convenience. You can wash it in warm water and can then hang it to let it dry. It can be placed in the dryer, but you’ll need to keep it on the low setting if you choose to do so. Overall, this is a very convenient money belt that is among the most affordable options you’ll find.


  • Very durable
  • Water resistant and odor resistant
  • Easy to conceal
  • Great RFID blocking technology
  • Machine washable


  • Can’t fit as much as some other belts
  1. Raytix Travel Money Belt

[earnist ref=”raytix-travel-money-belt-with-rfid-transmissions” id=”13086″]

This travel money belt from Raytix is going to be a good choice for many different people. Much like the option mentioned above, this is another cost-effective travel money belt. It’s reasonably priced and it still works fantastically. To add to this, it’s also a very fashionable belt that comes in many different colors.

You can buy this travel money belt in gray, black, beige, navy, pink, and turquoise. This gives you plenty of options and you can choose a color that suits you well. Aesthetically, this belt looks really nice for something that costs such a small amount of money. It has also been designed to be very durable.

Raytix Travel Money Belt With RFID Transmissions –Secure, Hidden Travel Wallet This is a travel belt that will not tear under normal circumstances. It has been designed to be as strong as possible so that it can stand up to regular use. Also, it has been made to be water resistant. This is a reliable belt that is going to keep your stuff safe, so you’ll be able to travel without worrying.

You’ll also be able to feel more confident due to the overall concealable nature of this travel belt. This has been made to be as thin and lightweight as possible. It makes it a lot easier to conceal. This belt is pretty much unnoticeable and is going to do a fantastic job of keeping your important stuff safe while you’re traveling.

You’ll be able to store a lot of stuff in this belt, too. It’s capable of holding your cash, credit cards, IDs, passport, and so much more. It makes use of RFID blocking technology to prevent you from getting scammed as well. This is a highly recommended travel belt for just about anyone who needs one.


  • Thin, lightweight, and easy to conceal
  • Capable of storing a lot of stuff
  • Very durable and will not tear under normal circumstances
  • Available in several colors


  • Might not work well for all waist sizes

Decision Time: Which Money Belt for Travel is Best for You?

All of the above options are going to work well for you. The best money belts for travel and for the price are the Raytix Travel Money Belt or the AIKELIDA offering is also very good for those seeking an affordable option. If you want something that is a bit different, then consider buying the Yoder Leather Company belt. Truly, all five of the above options are quite good, so you won’t be able to go wrong with any choice that you make.

Buying a travel money belt such as this is a great idea when you want to keep yourself safe. Taking certain precautions is smart and it’ll prevent you from being taken advantage of. The simple act of buying a belt such as this does make a huge difference. Pick one out that suits your needs before going on your next big trip just to be on the safe side.

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