Wells Fargo Propel Review: One of the Best No-Fee Travel Cards Around

Looking for a new credit card is something that you want to take seriously. If you have been looking for a travel credit card that offers you great rewards potential, then you need to dig even deeper to find the best value. There are quite a few good travel rewards credit cards on the market, but this can make it even tougher to find the best option. There are so many different cards that offer you different experiences. One of the lesser-known cards is the Wells Fargo Propel.

In order to get a card that is going to work well for your situation, you have to figure out what you want. If the biggest reason for your travel credit card search is to get access to excellent rewards, then you may be interested in the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card. This is a really good card that helps cardholders to earn points at a very high rate. Making use of this credit card can help you to earn the most points possible, but is it really going to be the right card for you?

wells fargo propel review

Join us as we take a thorough look at what the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card has to offer. There is a lot to take in when looking at this credit card, so it will be good to arm yourself with the right information. After looking through all of the details, it will be much simpler to tell if this is a good card for you. It definitely has many positive features, but you will have to weigh them against negatives before making your final decision.

Wells Fargo Propel

You’ll earn 20k points after you spend $1000 in the first 3 months.
You’ll earn 3X points on eating out and ordering in. 3X on gas, transit, and rideshares. 3X on travel. 1X on all other purchases.
Intro APR offer.
No annual fee.
This is a great no-fee credit card. It has a good introductory offer and earns bonus points on many categories.
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Wells Fargo Propel Fees

Right away you will see that this credit card does not have an annual fee. This is great as it makes it as easy as possible for you to sign up for the card without it being a financial burden. There are not many other travel rewards credit cards on the market that offer you this experience. Most of the best cards have annual fees of $95.00 or more, so it is easy to see that this one is a particularly great offer.

Aside from this, you will also be able to take advantage of a good introductory APR period. Being able to avoid interest for a 12-month period of time is quite nice. This is good for both new purchases and balance transfers, as well. You can potentially use this credit card simply as a balance transfer credit card to save yourself some money if you are in need.

This is an appealing travel credit card due to the lack of foreign transaction fees, as well. If your travel regularly has you leaving the country, then you want to be able to avoid foreign transaction fees at all costs. Having to pay a percentage of the purchase price of items in the form of a fee is an annoyance. This card helps you to avoid that, and it makes it so that you will have a more convenient experience overall.

Features of the Wells Fargo Propel Card

For the most part, the features of this card are fairly standard. What stands out the most about this card is that the rewards program has the potential to be very lucrative. You will be able to earn points at a high rate with this card, and this is going to be the reason that you will look into applying for it. It is one of the best cards for purely earning points, and it has various useful benefits, as well.

It is worth talking about the big sign-up bonus that you can take advantage of. Spending a certain amount of money within the first three months of owning the card will net you some extra cash. This is fairly standard among credit cards of this type, but the bonus is actually really good here. It is not a sole reason for a person to sign up for the card, but it is a nice bonus that should be very attainable if you plan on using the card with any sort of regularity.

Benefits of the Wells Fargo Propel Card

This card does come with many different benefits that you can enjoy. Before proceeding, you should know that this card does not offer many of the same benefits as other travel credit cards. You will not be gaining access to any special lounges at the airport or getting any perks related to TSA PreCheck or Global Entry programs. If those types of benefits matter to you, then another travel credit card may be more to your liking.

The perks that this card can offer you are a bit more standard, but they are still useful. You will have access to travel accident insurance in case something goes awry during your trip. Luggage protection insurance will also be very handy for regular travelers. If your luggage is lost during your trip, then you can be reimbursed through the card.

Other standard perks include roadside assistance and car rental coverage. Your credit card will give you access to roadside assistance for when you break down in your car on the road. The car insurance will kick in when you need to rent a car. The card can act as secondary car insurance coverage to help you out.

The best benefit of signing up for this credit card is the cell phone protection that it offers. You can get up to $600 if your cell phone is damaged or stolen. The deductible is only $25.00, so this is definitely a very useful little perk that will come in handy in many situations. In order to qualify for this, you need to pay your monthly phone bill with the credit card.

wells fargo propel card

Rewards Program Info

This credit card has a very good rewards program structure that will help many people to earn a lot of points. You will be able to earn 3X rewards points when you spend money on several different categories. The categories that will earn you the 3X rewards points are travel, dining, gas stations, and popular streaming services. The travel category is fairly broad, too, with it encompassing flights, car rentals, hotels, taxis, and more.

Even the dining category is more robust than you might expect. Many travel credit cards only offer bonus points on restaurant dining, but this card is different. Ordering delivery food is also covered under the 3X rewards amount, so you will have plenty of options when you are traveling. If you want to make the most of your new rewards credit card, then this will make it as easy on you as possible.

Spending outside of these categories will allow you to earn a simple 1X rewards rate. Of course, this means that it is best to stick with the bonus categories when using this credit card. Regardless, you will still be able to earn points no matter how you wind up using the card. It is practical for just about anyone to use the card for their needs and the rewards are going to come in at a steady clip.

Best of all, these bonus categories are completely uncapped. This means that you can earn the increased rewards rate of 3X no matter how often you buy these things. Some comparable credit cards cap your spending and reset the rewards rate to 1X after you meet a certain threshold. This is not the case with this card, so you can continue to earn those great rewards if you are a big spender.

Redeeming the rewards should always be a simple process with this card, too. You can choose to redeem your rewards for travel purposes, or you can go for gift cards, cash back options, or even charity donations. If you happen to also have a Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card, then you can use that card’s portal to book your travel. It will allow you to earn a 1.5% rate on redeeming your points, so you can maximize your potential rewards if you make these cards combine forces.

Whether you choose to do this or not, you will still be getting a good card. Your rewards potential with this credit card is really high, even when you just straight up redeem the rewards as normal. You will be able to create a steady flow of rewards points if you use this card for travel purposes on a semi-regular basis. Those who travel frequently could really make this a lucrative card, so keep it in mind as a good option for your wallet.

The Pros

  • High rewards rates
  • No earning limits
  • Good redemption options
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees

This is a card that has the potential to help you earn a lot of rewards. The high rewards rate is going to work out great for you if you regularly spend money in the 3X bonus categories. Being that the bonus categories on this credit card are so broad, you will have a pretty easy time taking advantage of them. This can allow the rewards to add up fast, and you will be able to take advantage of this quickly after becoming a cardholder.

There are not any earning limits being imposed on you, either. You will be earning the 3X bonus rewards rate on the specific categories no matter how much you spend. Many credit cards cap your 3X bonus rewards potential after you have reached certain spending thresholds, but that is not the case here. You will always earn the 3X bonus rewards points on the special categories, and you will get 1X rewards points on everything else.

The redemption options for your rewards points are very good, as well. You can redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, travel, and even charity donation. If you want to book travel, you can try to pair your card with other American Express offerings to increase the redemption rate to 1.5%. Either way, you will have a simple time redeeming your earned rewards for things that matter to you.

You won’t have to put up with any sort of annual fee while you are using this card, either. No yearly fees make it easier for you to justify signing up for the card. It is easy to make use of this card, and you won’t ever feel like it is costing you money in any way. This is a very customer-friendly card that pleases a lot of people each year.

The lack of foreign transaction fees makes it perfect for anyone who travels abroad, as well. If you regularly travel outside of the country, then this might be the best travel credit card to keep in your wallet. Avoiding fees is great, and you will always be able to use your card when you need it. It is nice to not have to worry about fees like this while you are out of the country on some type of business trip.

The Cons

  • Lacks benefits when compared to other travel credit cards
  • American Express may not be accepted in as many places as Visa or Mastercard

Depending on your expectations, you might be a bit underwhelmed with the benefits of this credit card. Some of the better travel credit cards offer you significant benefits when you are traveling. You can usually gain access to airport lounges and get various types of preferential treatment. This is not going to be the case when you are using this credit card.

The benefits of the Wells Fargo Propel credit card are still good, but they may not match up with your expectations. If luxury airport lounges and VIP status at hotels are things that matter to you, then you may wish to look into other travel credit card options. There are plenty of different cards out there that may better match up with your needs. If you just want to earn lots of points and have a nice standard travel credit card, then this will fit the bill.

You also need to know that American Express is not accepted in quite as many places as Visa or Mastercard. American Express is still a large credit card company and is very reputable. Even so, Visa and Mastercard are more prevalent around the world. You may need to check to see whether certain places accept American Express before proceeding with purchases, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

wells fargo propel card review

Credit Score Needed for Approval

Much like many of these travel credit cards, you are not going to be able to gain approval if you do not have a good credit score. A credit score that falls between good and excellent will be necessary to add this credit card to your wallet. If your score is sitting at 690 or higher, then your approval chances should be pretty good. Try to check your credit score first before you decide to apply so that you can avoid any disappointment.

Who Does The Propel Card Appeal to Most?

The Wells Fargo Propel is actually a credit card that will appeal to just about anyone. It is a card that you can use effectively to earn rewards on a variety of different purposes. It probably appeals to people who travel at least somewhat often the most. Even so, people who only travel occasionally will be able to use this card effectively, too.

If you want to be able to use a credit card that offers you increased rewards rates in several great categories, then this one will work out well. Being able to earn 3X rewards points on travel is nice, but you will also be getting 3X points on popular streaming services, gas station purchases, and so much more. It makes it practical for most people to rack up the rewards points reliably.

This is a good card for beginners to the rewards card lifestyle, as well. It does not have an associated annual fee, meaning that signing up for the card is fairly straightforward. You do not have to use this card enough to justify paying for a hefty annual fee, so you can basically use it as you see fit. You’ll even still earn rewards on purchases that aren’t in the bonus categories, just at a rate of 1X instead of 3X.

An Alternative Credit Card to Consider

Looking into alternative credit cards is always a good idea so that you can keep your options open. One of the best alternatives to this credit card is the [earnist_link ref=”chase-sapphire-preferred-card” id=”6313″]Chase Sapphire Preferred[/earnist_link] Card. It offers you great travel rewards, letting you earn 2 points per every $1.00 spent on travel and dining. It does have an annual fee of $95 attached to it, but also has a nice introductory offer.

See our full review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Depending on how you use this credit card, it could wind up being more lucrative than the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card. If you book your travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal, then your earned points have a 25% higher value. With the [earnist_link ref=”chase-sapphire-preferred-card” id=”6313″]Sapphire Preferred[/earnist_link] you can also transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to their partner airlines and hotels to gain even more value. This can allow you to stretch those points really far, so it is something that is worth considering. Both cards are great at what they do, so you should consider the merits of both and see which one shines the brightest in your eyes.

wells fargo propel credit card

Decision Time

Signing up for the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card may prove to be a very wise decision. In terms of earning points, this is one of the finest travel credit cards that you could use. It has the potential to help you rack up rewards points very fast, and the categories that you can earn points in are varied. This is a card that will make your travel experience better, and it can really be lucrative if you use it often enough.

There are other credit cards on the market that offer great benefits for being a cardholder, though. If you are worried about not having access to some of the better perks that other travel credit cards throw at you, then this one might not be for you. It is going to depend on your expectations, so take the time to think things through before signing up. If your main goal is to earn points that you can use to mitigate travel expenses, then the Wells Fargo Propel card is marvelous.

Wells Fargo Propel

You’ll earn 20k points after you spend $1000 in the first 3 months.
You’ll earn 3X points on eating out and ordering in. 3X on gas, transit, and rideshares. 3X on travel. 1X on all other purchases.
Intro APR offer.
No annual fee.
This is a great no-fee credit card. It has a good introductory offer and earns bonus points on many categories.
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