The 5 Best Hotel Booking Sites: Find a Cheap Hotel Room

It’s so important to be able to book the best possible hotel room. You also want to be able to find the best deal that you can when booking a hotel. Many people who travel often need to be able to book hotels as conveniently as possible. Some professionals are on the road all the time, so booking hotels is a constant thing that they have to deal with.

Even those who only travel infrequently like having the most convenient booking options, too. For this reason, it really does pay to know what the best hotel booking sites are. If you make good use of the right hotel booking websites, then you will be able to find amazing deals. You can turn your next vacation into something truly special or you can simply find the best accommodations while on a business trip.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the top five best hotel booking sites. All of these websites are good in their own right, so you will want to pay attention to what each of them brings to the table. If you are able to use these sites to their full potential, then you will be able to save yourself money while booking great rooms. Read on to learn all about the best options that are out there.


[earnist ref=”hotels-com-book-now” id=”12826″] is another option that many people turn to when looking to book a hotel. If you are looking for the best possible bargain, then this site might be the one that you will want to go with. You’ll be able to make use of a large number of different filters, making it easier to find the best possible hotel. You can find cost-effective options and you will also be able to find high-end hotels easily.

The filtering options that you have available to you are certainly top notch. You will be able to find any type of hotel that you might be looking for. Simply put, this is a website that makes finding what you need easy. If you want a romantic hotel for your honeymoon, then you’ll be able to find it here without having any problems.

You will also be able to see many options that are not traditional hotels when searching on this site. As mentioned earlier when speaking about, this may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective. You will find results for bed and breakfast businesses, various condos, and other locations where you can spend the night. If you want to filter these out, then you will be able to do so using their advanced filtering tools.

Another possible issue with this hotel booking site is that it sometimes includes hotel results that are fully booked. This can be a bit of an annoyance when you are just trying to see what is actually available. Even so, you won’t have a problem using this site due to its great filter options. The prices are good and the options are plentiful, so it’s definitely one of the worthwhile hotel booking options.

If you like having options when it comes to narrowing down your searches, then this is going to be one of the better sites for you to consider. The advanced filters work great and there are many things that you can tweak. This hotel booking site empowers users and lets them choose how to search. As long as you are willing to play with the filtering tools, you’ll have a very good experience on this site.


  • Great tool for finding the most cost-effective hotels
  • Good filtering options
  • Good interface


  • Will need to play with filtering tools to narrow your search

2. Kayak

kayak hotel booking site

You may be familiar with Kayak, as they are among the most used hotel booking websites. They are also well known for their flight search capabilities. You will be able to use Kayak to find the best hotels in an area. It also shows you the rates that many other hotel booking sites are offering. This allows you to easily compare and contrast the results to find the best deal.

One of the best parts of Kayak is definitely the clean user interface. Everything looks very good on this website and it is decidedly simple to use. This is a site that will give you the information that you’re looking for without causing you to scratch your head. It’s simple while still offering users many great features.

This is one of the best sites on this list in terms of filtering options, too. You will have many advanced filtering options available to whittle down the results. This can help you out a lot when you’re looking to find your perfect hotel. You will likely need to use the filters, too, since the default results often show recommended results instead of simply popping up the most affordable prices.

You will like Kayak if you are looking for a hotel booking site that makes it easy to compare rates. The clean user interface makes it one of the most user-friendly hotel booking sites around. You can even make use of their handy app if you want to use it on your phone or tablet. This site has earned its place among the top five best hotel booking sites.


  • Clean user interface
  • Easy to compare and contrast the best results
  • Very good filtering options


  • Default options may only show the recommended results
  • It is usually necessary to tinker with the filters

3. hotel booking site is one of the most popular hotel booking websites on the Internet. This is an option that is going to show you a wide range of different places where you can stay. You will be able to get results for traditional hotels, as well as hostels and apartments. For some people, this may wind up being a bit of an annoyance, but it is going to come down to your personal preference.

If you do not want to see results for hostels, then you will be able to make some changes to the settings of the hotel search. It is not cumbersome to change things around, but it is an extra step that you will have to do. Many people like being able to see all of the options that are available, though. It can help when you want to be able to find the most cost-effective place to stay when you’re traveling somewhere new.

Overall, this website proves itself to be a very useful tool. One of the best parts of using this site is that it shows you all of the costs right up front. The only thing that it does not show you, in regards to the pricing of your hotel room, is the taxes. Otherwise, you will be able to use this hotel booking site to find the most affordable hotel rooms around.

People who are willing to stay at nontraditional hotels will really love this site. Being able to see all of the hostels and apartments in an area may be appealing to some people. Others are going to find this site to lack the right focus. As long as you take the time to use the filtering tools, it should not be a big deal to you either way.

This is one of the best hotel booking sites to use for people who are looking for hotels on a budget. It is going to offer you many different results that will work for a variety of different budgets. It is as simple as possible to find the most affordable rooms available, too. The user interface is easy to understand and you will have no trouble getting the information that you are seeking.


  • A great option for finding budget hotels
  • Shows you many options
  • Shows you the costs right up front


  • The inclusion of hostels and apartments in search results may bother some

4. Priceline

priceline hotel booking site

Priceline is a famous hotel booking site that many people have likely seen advertisements for in the past. It’s definitely a popular website and it has remained a great option for those booking hotels for a long time now. One of the reasons for its popularity is how easy the site is to navigate. It has been made to be very user-friendly, so you’ll have no trouble getting around.

This is also one of the best looking hotel booking sites on this list. The visual appeal of the site is hard to deny and everything comes together to form a complete package. Priceline allows users to find great prices on hotels. If you need to find a good deal on a hotel for your next vacation, then this site might be the perfect fit.

It works great for people who want to find hotels near the hottest tourist attractions. This site excels in finding conveniently located hotels that will put people very close to the great landmarks of certain cities. Combine this with being able to get an overall good deal and you can see why this site is popular. It’s definitely a good fit for people who are planning a fun vacation.

Perhaps the best feature for this site is the famous “name your own price” option. This lets you type in how much you are willing to spend and then hotels can choose to accept your deal if they want. Many people have been able to save a lot of money using these features, so it’s definitely worth it to give it a shot sometime. It helps Priceline to stand out as a bit of a unique option among the other hotel booking sites.

There is also an express deal option that Priceline offers. This is a bit different as it is sort of like a flash sale on a hotel room. It may offer you a really good deal on a hotel room, but you will not know what hotel is being booked until after you have booked it. This might be a little too risky for some, but it can save you a whole lot of money.


  • One of the most visually impressive hotel booking sites
  • Great for finding hotels near popular attractions
  • The name your own price feature can save you money


  • Some may not like the way the express deal option works

5. Expedia

expedia hotel booking site

Expedia is a good option for you to consider going with. This is a site that is actually essentially the same as a couple of other well-known travel sites. Expedia owns the travel booking sites known as Orbitz and Travelocity. This means that all three sites are basically going to give you pretty much the same information and they even use very similar layouts. For the purpose of this guide, we will be discussing the Expedia hotel booking site.

You will be able to use this hotel booking site to find plenty of different available hotels in any given city. It is a powerful searching tool that brings up many different results. Expedia makes it as easy as possible to find hotels that are inexpensive. It is also possible to find more luxurious options if you are looking to plan something special.

This is a recommended site to use if you want to find the most hotel options. It is going to give you plenty to consider and there are many filters that you can use to focus your results. It should give you a very easy experience when looking to book your next hotel. You’ll be able to reliably get good results when using this site and you can save yourself a bit of money.

One important thing to think about before moving forward is that this site doesn’t always give you the best price. It has consistently good prices, but it may be worthwhile to compare what Expedia is offering with some of the other hotel booking sites. Sometimes, going to the extra effort can help you to save more money. Regardless, Expedia is a good hotel booking site that offers consistently good prices and it’s easy to use.


  • Will find many hotel options for you to consider
  • Easy to use
  • Makes finding hotels simpler by showing you many available options


  • They may not offer the best prices when compared to competitors

Our Final Thoughts: Which Hotel Booking Site Do You Like Best?

After reading all about the top five best hotel booking sites, you should be prepared to move forward with your hotel booking. Using any of these sites will definitely give you a better hotel booking experience. Users who make use of these sites are able to get great deals on really nice hotel rooms. It just makes things so much more convenient when you are traveling. We use [earnist_link ref=”hotels-com-book-now” id=”12826″][/earnist_link] most often when booking a hotel.

[earnist ref=”hotels-com-book-now” id=”12826″]

Keep all of these options in mind the next time you are planning a big trip. One of them will be able to get you the best possible deal and you’ll be elated with how things have turned out. Booking a hotel does not have to be a difficult experience. You’ll be able to get a great room without breaking the bank and you’ll always be able to rely on these sites moving forward.

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