Chase Ultimate Rewards Calculator: Maximize Your Points with Our Interactive Tool

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to make the most out of your credit card rewards. One such program is the Chase Ultimate Rewards, which offers a variety of redemption options and flexibility. But to maximize these rewards, you need to have a clear understanding of how they are earned, which is why I found this Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator extremely helpful.

With this calculator, I was able to plug in my spending habits and easily see how many points I could potentially earn with different Chase credit cards. What’s even better, the calculator takes into account the bonus categories and specific earning rates for each card, making it a comprehensive tool to evaluate which Chase card can help me earn the most Ultimate Rewards points.

Besides helping me choose the right card, the calculator has also encouraged me to be more strategic with my spending in order to earn even more points. By using this tool as a guide, I can make informed decisions and be well on my way to enjoying the full benefits of Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Overview

I always recommend the Chase Ultimate Rewards program as one of the top rewards programs in the credit card industry. This program allows Chase credit card holders to accumulate points with their eligible purchases and redeem them for various rewards, including travel, merchandise, and cashback options.

In my experience, some of the most sought-after features of the program are the flexibility it offers in earning and redeeming points, as well as the possibility to transfer rewards to participating airline and hotel partners. Cardholders can earn points at a range of 1 to 15 bonus points per $1 spent at 450+ stores with Shop through Chase® (source). Moreover, Ultimate Rewards Points are valued at an average of 1 to 2 cents, which means that 10,000 points could be worth anywhere between $100 to $200, depending on how they are redeemed(source).

Earning rates vary depending on the specific Chase credit card in use. For instance, I have found these rates with some popular cards:

  • 5 points per $1 spent on all travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards® (source).
  • 3 points per $1 spent on dining, including eligible delivery services and takeout (source).
  • 1.5% cash-back rewards on every purchase with certain cards, which can subsequently be converted to Ultimate Rewards points (source).

Now that you are familiar with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, I encourage you to try the embedded Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator to estimate your potential point earnings based on your spending habits. This tool will help you determine the best strategy to maximize your rewards and get the most value from the program.

Earning Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

In this section, I will discuss various methods for earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points efficiently. These methods include using credit cards, making the most of categories and bonuses, using the shopping portal, and leveraging the Refer-a-Friend program.

Credit Cards

The foundation of earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points is selecting the right credit card that suits my spending habits. Some popular credit cards to earn points with are Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Chase Ink Business Preferred. Each of these cards offers different rewards rates, welcome bonuses, and benefits, so it’s crucial for me to choose the right card based on my spending patterns and priorities.

Categories and Bonuses

Maximizing my Chase Ultimate Rewards points collection largely depends on how efficiently I can make use of bonus categories offered by my chosen credit card. For instance, as per The Points Guy, the popular Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers 5 points per $1 spent on travel purchases through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, while the Chase Ink Business Preferred card allows me to earn 3 points per $1 spent on specific categories, up to $150,000 annually.

By strategically planning my spending across bonus categories, I can accumulate more points quickly and use them to redeem rewards like travel, cashback, and gift cards.

Shopping Portal

Another way to rapidly earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points is by using the Shop through Chase portal. With this portal, I can earn bonus points for every dollar spent at over 450 affiliated stores. The bonus points earned per dollar spent can range from 1 to 15, depending on the store, making it a smart choice to compare and shop at partner stores, especially when making high-value purchases.

Refer-a-Friend Program

Lastly, the Chase Refer-a-Friend program can be an effective way for me to earn additional Ultimate Rewards points. By inviting friends and family to apply for eligible Chase credit cards, I can earn bonus points for every approved referral. The exact number of bonus points may vary between different credit cards, so it’s important to review the terms and conditions of my card’s referral program.

To better estimate the rewards I can earn through these various methods, I can use the Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator, which can help me identify my earning potential and customize my strategy accordingly.

Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator

The Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator is a valuable tool for estimating how many points you can potentially accumulate based on your spending habits. In this section, I will discuss how to use the calculator, explain input parameters, results breakdown, and help you better understand the calculator output.

Input Parameters

First, input your estimated monthly spending for each category, such as dining, travel, and grocery shopping. For each category, provide an estimate of how much money you typically spend per month. The calculator will use these amounts to estimate your earning potential for Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Be sure to also select the correct Chase credit card that you plan to use or already own, as different cards have varying points structures. By choosing the right credit card, the calculator will take into account bonus points offered on that card’s specific spending categories, and provide you with accurate results.

Results Breakdown

Once you have entered all input parameters, the calculator will display the estimated number of Chase Ultimate Rewards points you can expect to earn per month and per year. It will also break down these results by category, helping you understand which categories are contributing to your points accumulation the most.

Additionally, the calculator shows the estimated monetary value of your earned points, which can be useful when planning your trips or redeeming awards in the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. Remember that the value of Chase points can vary, depending on how you redeem them.

Understanding the Calculator Output

Using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator can provide a clear picture of how your spending habits may result in points accumulation over time. Remember that these results are estimates based on the information you provide and may not exactly correspond to your actual earnings.

Also, bear in mind that credit card reward structures may change over time and additional promotions may not be taken into account by the calculator, so it is recommended to always double-check the most recent card offers and benefits before making any financial decisions.

Maximizing Rewards Earnings

As a Chase Ultimate Rewards user, I’ve learned that leveraging various strategies is key to maximizing rewards. In this section, I’ll provide insight into strategy tips, combining cards, and connecting programs to boost your points earnings.

Strategy Tips

To boost my Chase Ultimate Rewards points earnings, I follow these best practices:

  • Always use my Chase cards for category purchases with higher points multipliers, such as dining, travel, and online shopping.
  • Take advantage of Chase shopping portal deals and promotions, which can add bonus points to my earnings.
  • Refer friends and family to Chase Ultimate Rewards cards to earn up to 100,000 points per year.
  • Regularly monitor my account and track spending habits to identify areas where I can use my Chase cards more effectively.

Combining Cards

One effective way to earn more rewards is by combining different Chase Ultimate Rewards cards to my advantage. Since each card has its own bonus categories, using the right card for the right type of purchase can increase my earnings.

For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card earns 5 points per $1 spent on travel purchases through Chase Ultimate Rewards, while the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card earns 1.5% cash-back rewards on every purchase, which can be converted to Ultimate Rewards points.

By strategically using the appropriate card for each type of transaction, I can optimize my earnings.


I also participate in various hotel and airline loyalty programs to combine Chase Ultimate Rewards points with them. These partnerships make it possible for me to transfer my points, often at a 1:1 ratio, which increases the value of those points when booking stays and flights.

For instance, I can transfer my points to the World of Hyatt program for hotel stays or to the United MileagePlus program for flights, increasing my rewards redemption options when planning my travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

As someone who actively uses the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, I often come across a few questions related to earning and redeeming points. In this section, I’ll address some of those frequently asked questions for the benefit of my readers.

How can I earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

As a Chase credit cardholder, I can earn Ultimate Rewards points through various spending categories, such as travel, dining, and everyday purchases. The exact earning structure depends on the specific credit card I have. For example, with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, I can earn 5 points per $1 spent on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 3 points per $1 spent on dining, and so on.

Can I earn bonus points?

Yes, I can earn bonus points by shopping through the Shop through Chase platform. Here, I can earn 1-15 bonus points per $1 spent at over 450 participating stores.

How can I calculate my potential earnings with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program?

An excellent way of estimating my potential earnings from the Chase Ultimate Rewards program is by using a dedicated calculator, such as the one found at Intellioffers. This calculator allows me to input my spending habits and card information to generate an estimated number of earned points.

How do I redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points?

I can redeem my earned points for various options, including travel bookings, cash-back, gift cards, and shopping at partner merchants such as Amazon. However, the value of my points can vary depending on the redemption method I choose. Generally, travel redemptions through Chase Ultimate Rewards offer the best value for my points.


As a fellow user of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, I found the Chase Ultimate Rewards Earning Calculator to be an essential tool in understanding and maximizing the value of my points. It quickly helped me to assess the potential earnings for various spending categories, which in turn enabled me to make more informed decisions about my credit card usage and rewards strategy.

The calculator’s user-friendly interface made it easy for me to input my monthly spending data and instantly see the estimated rewards points I would earn. I particularly appreciated the ability to compare different Chase credit cards side by side, allowing me to choose the best option suitable for my personal financial situation and goals.

I hope other Chase Ultimate Rewards enthusiasts will also find this calculator to be a valuable resource for optimizing their credit card rewards. There’s no denying that the program offers versatile and valuable points redemption options, and having a tool like this easily accessible can make a significant difference in maximizing our rewards potential.

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