A Guide to Cruising with Children for the First Time

Cruising with children shouldn’t be a nightmare to plan. Going on a trip with your family should be a joyous occasion from start to finish. That is precisely why charter cruises were invented. A private cruise tailored to your and your family’s needs, where you can make life-long memories.

A cruise is actually the perfect bonding trip that every family needs. With the comfort and privacy that a private charter cruise offers, you can spend less time stressing and worrying and more time relaxing. Let the kids have some water fun in the onboard pools while you and your partner sip on some cocktails and enjoy a sunset.

Unforgettable action-packed excursion courses offshore and a quiet and relaxing family time onboard. Here are a couple of things you should have in mind for your next private family charter cruise.cruising with children

Choose a Smaller Ship

Who wants to spend their entire trip running after their kids on a huge ship where they can go literally anywhere? Do not let yourself be fooled by all the different pools and theme parks larger ships offer.

With choosing a smaller ship your kids’ will at all times be within a walking distance. A staff member will always be nearby for assistance. And you can get whatever your kids need within minutes since the passengers’ number is limited.

That is double the security and safety and exclusivity than going on any other type of trip.

Pick the Right Rooms

Depending on the size of your family and what types of rooms your ship offers, you should either opt for multiple rooms or one big stateroom. Either way, make sure that you and your family have plenty of space during your cruise. Both individual space and a space where you can all sit, relax and enjoy together.

If you choose a large stateroom be sure to pick one with multiple bathrooms so you can all get ready in time for things like your land excursions or a deck dinner. If you and your family decide that multiple rooms are a better option, make sure that the rooms are next to each other. If there is an option for connective rooms even better. You’ll get the best of both worlds. Individual space and easy access and space for spending quality family time.

Pack the Right Gear

One of the best perks of going on a private cruise(or any cruise) with your family, is that you won’t have to pack everything. Linens, toiletries, and towels are provided. Even gadgets for the kids, like snorkeling masks and pool toys, are provided on private cruises. All you have to do is don’t forget the sunscreen. But even that is sometimes included on your cruise, so don’t forget to check that with the cruise director.

Except for packing the essentials like clothes, swimwear, and medication you should think about bringing a couple of family vacation gadgets to make your life on board even easier. Devices like kids tracking devices and walkie-talkies can put your mind even more at ease.

Choose the Right Family Friendly Land Excursions

No one knows your family and your kids like you do. But even if you really know what’s best for them, don’t’ forget to have fun and live outside the comfort zone. As long as it isn’t a life-threatening activity, go for it. Remember that this is the best way to create amazing family memories that will warm our hearts for years to come.

However, if you choose a private cruise this won’t be even an issue. You get to decide where you stop and where you don’t.

cruising with kids

Set Some Rules

A quick family meeting before embarking on such an adventure is a must. There also should be multiple conversations with your kids prior to the cruise. Your kids and your family should be informed about the cruise conditions and the land excursions as much as possible.

Setting clear rules and boundaries with your kids is essential. Your kids should be aware of things like where on the cruise ship they’re allowed and where they absolutely aren’t. What things they can do and what things they can’t do.

Make Time for Yourself

Whether you are taking this trip as a single parent, or with your partner, or with another family – the grown-ups should have their grown-up time. This can be managed by having a strict sleeping schedule for kids, which should leave you with a couple of hours to do the things that you enjoy.

Some cruising companies even offer a nanny service. Whichever way you do it, be sure to carve out some alone time on the trip even if that means a 15-minute stargazing experience from the ship’s front deck.

Have Realistic Expectations

Last, but certainly not least. The most important thing you should note before going on a cruise with your kids for the first time is to have reasonable expectations.

You should know that there is a chance for chaotic moments and situations, no matter how much you prepare and pre-plan this trip. That is just how life with kids works. Don’t let small arguments ruin what can be and should be a bonding experience and a trip of a lifetime.