Chester Luggage Review: Best Travel Carry-On Spinner Suitcase

After a few months of testing out my new Chester Travels Minima Carry-On Spinner suitcase, I can truly say it’s the best I’ve ever had. In fact, that’s why I decided to create this Chester luggage CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22" Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner Suitcase/TSA Approved Cabin Size (Charcoal)review in the first place. They’re a new company that you should know about if you’re looking for new luggage. The Chester Minima Carry-On Spinner’s simple design, and great functionality are what made me like it so much. Unlike other suitcases in the market, it has everything I want and nothing that I don’t need.

So far, I’ve used my Chester luggage six times over the past 4 months. I went to Hawaii for 3 weeks, San Diego for a weekend trip, across town to a family member’s house while I painted the interior of our own house, road trips to see family in California twice, and a few days in Mexico for a wedding. After all that, the bag still looks and functions like it’s just been taken out of the box. It’s pretty impressive.

Let’s get to it, and check out our Chester luggage review.

An Overview of the Chester Travels Minima Carry-On Spinner Suitcase

As I’m sure you could have guessed, this piece of Chester luggage is a carry-on style suitcase. That means you can skip paying for a checked bag and bring it onboard the plane with you.

I found it perfect for both short trips and long trips alike, as I “try” to pack light on most occasions. It’s very easy to maneuver and fits perfectly in a plane’s overhead compartment. It also comes in some nice colors (mine is Ocean Blue) so they’re easier to spot if you end up checking your bag for free at the gate.

I thought it also worked quite well for our road trips because it fit everything I needed and it didn’t take up much space in the back of the car. One of the road trips was for a baby shower, so we knew we’d need space to bring back the gifts that we were given. We ended up having plenty of space.

Chester Luggage Pros

First off, I love how my Chester luggage looks. It’s very modern and simple, but also has a fancy feel to it with the texture and high-quality style. The most important thing about my Chester luggage is that it’s not just about the looks. It actually functions as it should. Nothing gets stuck or breaks and the wheels roll very smoothly. I definitely gave the wheels a run for their money by spinning my bag all around through airports.

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22" Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner Suitcase/TSA Approved Cabin Size (Charcoal)Here’s a list of everything I can think of that I like about my new(ish) Chester luggage:

  • Cool sleek and modern design – 100% polycarbonate hardshell that’s built to last
  • Nice color selections
  • Spinner wheels that roll smoothly and have lasting durability
  • Perfect size to be used as a carry-on – 21″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″
  • It has a TSA-approved lock to keep your belongings a bit safer
  • The handle has multiple levels that it locks into. It also works smoothly and doesn’t get jammed
  • I just realized it also has a 10-year warranty! It doesn’t seem like I’ll need it though… It’s a tough bag
  • Compartments that zip closed inside the suitcase on both sides to keep things in place
  • 3 smaller zipper pockets that are perfect for any paperwork you need to bring (like a passport)
  • A secret zippered pocket that contains a laundry bag (love this, it beats using a garbage bag)
  • Nice Leather bag tag just in case it gets lost

Cons of Chester Luggage

I honestly don’t have many complaints about my Chester luggage. It has held up very well and is super functional. The only thing I can even think of is that one side of my luggage got a little bit scuffed up. But, that seems to just come with traveling. You’re bound to end up hitting your luggage against something at some point. The scuffs are also barely noticeable… Overall, my Chester luggage is pretty perfect and I don’t have any complaints about it.

Some people might complain that it doesn’t have a built-in battery, but I actually see that as a plus. Suitcase built-in batteries seem like more of a hassle than a benefit as they aren’t allowed to be checked-in with the battery intact. Batteries in electronics these days last a long time, so it’s rare that I would ever need more battery life. On top of that, many planes have chargers built into the seat so I can typically charge up any electronics that need a boost while I’m on my flight.

Chester Luggage Design

The design of the Chester luggage is nicely executed and very thought-out. The colors and texture of the Chester spinner carry-on are both durable and look good. All the design features are appealing to the eye and work well. The Chester logo is inset in a fashion that makes the bag look very elegant on the outside.

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22" Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner Suitcase/TSA Approved Cabin Size (Charcoal)CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22" Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner Suitcase/TSA Approved Cabin Size (Charcoal)When you open the Chester luggage up, the design is also well thought out on the inside. The first thing you see is a nice embroidered logo between the two sides of the bag. The striped fabric looks like something a designer bag company would have.

The smaller mesh zipper pockets are a nice touch. The mesh allows you to easily see where you put things such as a passport or money. What I really love is how the laundry bag is snuck in there with its own hidden pocket. It was such a nice surprise when I first found it. Previously, I would take a plastic garbage bag with me on each trip…

Durability of Chester Luggage

Now that we know how great the bag is designed, let’s take a look at the durability of my Chester luggage. As I mentioned, it’s been doing quite a lot of travel in the past four months since I got it. It’s flown to Hawaii, San Diego, and Mexico as well as gone on two road trips to California. After all that travel in such a short amount of time, it has held up perfectly. Besides the small scuffs I mentioned, it seems brand-spankin’ new.

I have been thoroughly impressed with how durable my Chester luggage is. Most luggage has issues early on with either zippers or wheels. So far, I’ve had zero issues with anything on the bag functioning as it should. The wheels still roll smooth, the zippers still zip, the bag is intact in one piece, and no fabric has come unsewn.

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that I’ve definitely overstuffed the suitcase on multiple occasions. Imagine packing clothes for five days, a full suit, and all accessories needed for grooming and electronics all in one carry-on. Well, that’s exactly what I did when I went to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding. The bag held up better than I expected.

Size of the Chester Luggage Carry-On

The Chester luggage Minima carry-on spinner suitcase is the typical size of a larger carry-on bag. Its dimensions are 21.5″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″ which meets all the TSA and airline guidelines. While traveling, I had no problems fitting the luggage in an overhead bin each time. The luggage fits with ease. The nice thing about the hard shell is that the outside of the bag can’t get stretched out, so it will always fit in the overhead without having to jam it in. I’m sure you’ve seen or even been “that person” trying to stuff their bag into the overhead bin, and that’s no fun.

CHESTER Minima Carry-On Luggage / 22" Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner Suitcase/TSA Approved Cabin Size (Charcoal)Cool Extra Features of the Chester Luggage

The Chester Travels carry-on luggage comes with a few cool extras that are actually quite useful. First off, it has a TSA-approved lock on the top of the bag. It allows you to set a 4-digit code so that only you can open it, but it also has a keyhole for TSA to open the bag if needed. The bags locking mechanism uses the two zippers of the bag, which lock in place when the code is set. I found it nice to have when I left my bag with the hotel lobby staff before we could check-in.

I’ve already mentioned it, but the attached laundry bag is a nice feature of the Chester luggage. It’s a nice accessory to have while traveling so that you can keep your clean and dirty clothes separate, but still have them in your luggage.

How Much Does Chester Luggage Cost? (Pssst: Exclusive Discount Code Below!)

Maybe you’re wondering how much Chester luggage costs. It’s not super expensive and it’s also not a budget bag. Chester Travels is what I would consider a midrange cost luggage company. While I typically end up buying budget products, I find the value of the Chester bags to be a good bang for your buck. Especially because their luggage also comes with a 10-year warranty. If you have any issues, you can just contact Chester Travels and they’ll get things sorted out for you.

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To make things a little less expensive for you, we’ve managed to get an exclusive discount code that you can use to get 10% off your order (see above)! Booyah!

Chester Travels also sells their suitcases on Amazon, if you’d rather shop there. Either way, you’ll be able to get 2-day free shipping.

Are There Any Alternatives to Chester Luggage?

Yes, there is one clear atlernative to Chester luggage, but it will cost more. You may have noticed how similar Chester luggage is to Away luggage. It’s even been noted by some that they likely come from the same factory (or very similar). One difference is that Away has the option of an ejectable battery. While some people may like this option, I find it unimportant. As I mentioned above, sometimes having a battery can be more hassle than it’s worth.

If you like Away luggage better, keep in mind that it will cost you about 15% more after any discounts are applied.

Chester Luggage vs Away Luggage: Here’s a Good Video Comparison of the Two Suitcases

Our Final Thoughts

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I absolutely love our Chester luggage. No, the price isn’t exactly budget, but it’s definitely a good bang for your buck value. It’s design and durability are second to none. At least for bags that I’ve tried out. My wife and I have used our bag quite a few times as have been talked about throughout our Chester luggage review, and the bag is still standing strong. We’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice carry-on spinner suitcase. It’s now our family go-to suitcase and my wife and I fight for who gets to use it each time we travel.

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